Final Fantasy Spin-off wishlist


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Oct 2, 2019
Thought we could make a thread of what kind of Final Fantasy spin-off game we would have. You can mention the Genre, and even which company/studio is handling it. To maximize posts, stick with only one spin-off idea at a time.

Here goes with mine:

I would like a Final Fantasy Warriors/Musou game. With character customization. I don't want it to be a Dissidia-style game though where the generals are pre-existing Final Fantasy characters. instead, create a new setting, and new characters. I still have a love for the Ivalice setting, so it might be ideal for a Musou/Warriors-type game to fit there. Use Akihiko Yoshida's art style.

Of course, because it's the Musou genre, I think the only company/studio suitable for the task is Omega-Force.
This is an excellent thread. The sort of thread I love to see around here!

A few years ago I might have said that Square Enix are unlikely to try anything too far outside of their comfort zone with Final Fantasy, but after Strangers of Paradise, this sort of dream no longer seems impossible.

For my first spin-off idea, I'd suggest an explorative action game. A bit like Uncharted, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Assassin's Creed and the latest God of War games, and so on. Action-packed, narrative-led games that combine a focus on combat with climbing/traversal, collectibles, and witty banter between characters.

In a Final Fantasy setting, I was tempted to say that the most Nathan Drake-like character would be the treasure hunter Locke from Final Fantasy VI, and for sure there is potential in exploring his background and reimagining his life pre-FFVI. But I actually think that a more popular idea would be a game like this starring Balthier from FFXII. Imagine exploring somewhere as the sky pirate Balthier and the conversations between himself and Fran. Fun combat, excellent setting, lovely areas to explore, grab treasure and hunt bounties and so on. I would quite enjoy that, I think. So long as the gameplay experience was smooth and didn't feel clunky.