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    Anyone buying the updated Steam version?

    I think they added some remastered CGI scenes as well as an improved battle system. It'll be a great buy, I'm hoping they fixed some of the glitches I faced like Freya's jump command. She'd float up there for a 20 minutes battle without a single move.
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    Interest Check Survivor VII

    Eh, I've got nothing better to do. I'll do it. And yes, I have been away.
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    Playstation Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (PSP)

    Hey, so I just got MGSPW and was wondering if you can do co-op online. I know on the 360 it's online co-op. I'm just confused...
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    So, I've had a bad string of luck with women lately. Constantly being cheated on and stood up. Oh so much fun. But I met this girl, and she is everything I would want in a girl... but she has an immature abusive fuck of a boyfriend. Shes always telling me the shit he does and it makes me sick...
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    Let's Play Persona 3 Portable

    I'm stuck at the fucking tables in Tarterus. God damn that 25th floor. Fucking fire magic and Stempai (i forgot his name) cast fire magic on it! Of course it's not gonna work dumbass... they're fire monsters. Past the second full moon. I would say I'm underleveled...
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    So I met this girl....

    Well people. I literally took little advice from that... but it worked out. I won't go into details but there was no sex (probably the only thing I followed xD) Thanks for the support
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    So I met this girl....

    Alright, so I met this girl... and she is amazing. And we're going on our first date this weekend. Now, I've never felt this way before... about anybody. We've spent sleepless nights on the phone and her and I have a very strong connection. She listens to me and everything. Always wanted...
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    Let's Play Banjo Kazooie!

    Banjo and Kazooie. So many childhood memories. I never could beat it. Damn music note doors. Banjo Toowie was harder but at least the worlds didn't reset if you died or left.
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    Somebody I actually remember....

    Somebody I actually remember....
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    [FF Forums] Meet The Members!

    I don't exactly have a camera, so text will have to do. Which FF is your favourite?- Final Fantasy IX, my very first FF game Which is your least favorite FF?- Final Fantasy II, I didn't like how it was more of a social RPG What would you like to see in future FF titles?- I'd like darker, in...
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    Before Watchmen

    Oh? I can't wait to find these then. Love comics. I wonder if they'll do anything for V for Vendetta...
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    Before Watchmen

    When did this happen? Watchmen was an amazing series as well as the movie. Is this serious going to about when they were heros?
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    Anybody up for a new gaming podcast?

    I am currently live and need viewers!
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    Anybody up for a new gaming podcast?

    Starting the podcast now.
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    Anybody up for a new gaming podcast?

    I will be starting a podcast in a little under an hour