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    Do you actually like Eyes on me?

    It's a cheesy song, like all romantic songs, but the melody is good, putting you in the danger of becoming cheesy too. I personally feel uncomfortable listening to it, the same way I feel uncomfortable listening to emo songs I've nerver heard of. It would be the perfect song to be released as a...
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    A Goal

    Welcome mortal! When I was a clueless teenager and thought water came from the pipes instead of lakes and rivers, I wanted to beat all the games too, but I was a broke, just like you. Now that I'm an older broke, I used the magic of piracy I can beat all of them too. Fun fact: I thought about...
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    FF9's Black Mage Village Theme in Glorious Full Acapella

    I couldn't help myself but I sang along at 1:18! As long as there are gamers around good games like this will be forever remembered! I would cheer happily if a remake were launched. :woot::woot:
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    Pedophilia - Is it wrong?

    Allow me to link you some nice academic articles: According to those studies, the brain isn't fully...
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    Pedophilia - Is it wrong?

    Sex with children isn't wrong. The tree arguments I come across when I defend my point are: a) It's illegal b) Their bodies aren't prepared c) They can't consent _ Let's talk about that: a) It's illegal: It's illegal because society deems it to be wrong. If society didn't, those laws...
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    Fascinating work on Minecraft, but I really hope you stay around and not just use the forum to advertise your projects. Anyway. Welcome! :pooley:
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    Welcome. Being fat is indeed awesome. Keep that diet. I know you can get there! :pooley:
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    Candy Canes For All 2013!

    I'm giving 1 (one) candy cane to each of the following users: @ Mitsuki : Because she's an efficient and attentive Administrator. She knows how to do her job here and helps me a lot. And because she's asian. Asians are awesome. Example of an asian. @ Lord Golbez : Without him, we wouldn't...
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    Let's Stop!

    I won't miss you either :)
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    Greetings Everyone!

    Greetings, unknown being. Behave. :pooley:
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    The FF Connection game.

    Sexy Ultimecia.
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    Serious Please help

    So you think you're worthless because no one likes you? That's how you define how worth you are, based on others opinions? If that's the case, then I love you! :P You shouldn't kill yourself because others don't love you, because killing yourself will just mean you don't love you too. Killing...
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    Shenorai's Gallery

    I'm seeing just great, beautiful works here. I wonder how the other gallery looked like. The hooded Shen is my favourite among them, so fierce.
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    Suggestion User Ranks

    I like the idea, it's easier to understand and/or notice it than having stars. It helps put people into their places, makes them feel they're part of something, and also gives an ego boost once their rank gets higher. Nothing like a ego massage. Also, good work Six, as always.
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    Hi there!

    Welcome. I like your way, you seem to be interesting. I hope you enjoy your stay, and that you stay long.