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    [V2] What are you currently playing?

    I've been playing a forgotten game called Tenchu: Shadow Assassins on the PSP. Have finished the main story and doing the extra bits. Same with Hollow Knight. I'm sort of conflicted over Tenchu. I found it fun but it felt like it lacked a bit of polish. Overall it's been an interesting...
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    An attempt was made

    I also wanted the camera to be more visible, it's just that the stock itself doesn't have the whole camera in and couldn't find a better one. I have simply been busy to be honest. And I've been playing a lot of games. When I started posting here, I frankly was working only one job and now I'm...
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    An attempt was made

    Rather ambitious idea I had in mind. Lately I've been feeling inspired from games that I've played in the past. So I wanted to create something revolving around Fatal Frame (or Project Zero as I know it). The concept I had in mind was use the render of the heroine with the camera in her hand and...
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    Your GFX: Then & Now

    I love your idea of redoing old sigs! It's also crossed my mind seeing some of my old stuff here , that have now been watermarked by Photobucket. I also do it a lot with my sketches and put them side by side to compare and see the difference and progress. I also loved narrow sigs for some...
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    How organized are your layers?

    I also use a lot layers in general. Mine are the same level (I don't know those advanced techniques you use :ROFLMAO:). Mine also come with random names. I am a tiny bit more organized when I draw actually than when I do GFX. Art example: A tiny bit more organized... In the past I've used...
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    Miko's Graphics

    From my experience, it seemed every forum had it's own style of GFX and preference. And sometimes things that would be negative in a different forum would be welcome in another. really goes to show you how subjective some things can be.
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    Miko's Graphics

    Hi Miko,decided to take a look since this part of the forum isn't as active these days. It's really interesting to see your past. There is definitely a style you seem to be going for, albeit not always (like the Tifa, Jack and FF9 signatures). I think your current style is transitioning quite...
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    FFX: Love It or Hate It?

    I played X back in my highschool days (when I think about it it's been 10 or so years since then and now I feel oldo_O) and I remember enjoying it greatly and finding the story quite innovative. I enjoyed Tidus and Yuna, she was a great main character and I think the voice acting gave them a...
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    An attempt was made

    I can kind of imagine it faintly. I'll try it tomorrow that I'll find some free time (hopefully).
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    An attempt was made

    The splotch on her hand is a bat...:sad2: I tried a few other bat poses but they felt kind of distracting. maybe I should retry them... I personally likethe border on the second piece out of all four. Due to me messing around with the colors and saturations, the border also ended up getting...
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    Welcome to the forums. I'm not much a collector myself, I prefer to enjoy FF differently. VII is also my favorite and it had a big impact on me (it was because of VII that I decided to join my first forums and discovered may things such as anime and online friends etc.) I dunno if I agree about...
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    An attempt was made

    That's what I'm kind of doing :LOL: I tried to apply some of the ideas I found easier to apply from the above posts. The changes aren't that drastic but I think i'll keep the other posts in mind in the future while doing something different. Tried to incorporate some of your advice and...
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    An attempt was made

    Wow so many interesting and different replies. First of all thank you all for your individual input. In general people seem to be liking V2 the most. For some reason I like v1 maybe because the flower pops out so much. I actually considered your idea, the only thing is I don't remember/don't...
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    Favourite FFVII Remake tracks?

    I think I understand what you mean. They follow the trends of the current time it seems. I liked the boss battle theme and found it a very nice idea that it "evolves" but most of the tracks are very safe. I quite like the jukebox versions of some of the themes. They feel very inventive. Like...
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    FFVII: What would you change?

    One thing I disliked in some FF games (including VII) is that you can't see the damage you do beyond 9999. Do you even surpass the cap. I think in FFX or FFX-2 (not sure) you got numbers like 15000 etc. I found that quite cool. I really have never thought hard about what I'd change. Maybe have...