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    Mobile Games Currently Playing?

    It's turn based map battle RPG that takes place in medieval era. The story is about the gathering of heroes to fight demons using the sword called Langrisser. I'm interested in RPG games that takes place in medieval era. Each playable characters also have their own unique skills that don't exist...
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    Mobile Games Currently Playing?

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    Happy New Year FFF!

    Happy new year. Better late than never.
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    Christmas White Shoopuf [2021]

    Number 10
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    SPOILERS A hero archetype that hasn't been tried yet?

    Maybe anti hero or villain. Someone who wants to destroy the world. Non human hero also hasn't appeared yet. All heroes shown so far are humans. An adult in his 30/40 with beard/moustache who is war veteran would be nice addition. A genius type with IQ like Shikamaru who is also a master of...
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    Worst FF Couple?

    Agree. Looks life Aerith can't forget Zack. Tifa is the only girl for Cloud. Cloud and Aerith couple doesn't have any chemistry imo.
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    Worst FF Couple?

    Cloud and Aerith (Aerith only wanted to be with Cloud because Cloud reminder her of Zack) Delita and Ovelia from FFT (Worst couple ever. The relationship is based on Delita's personal interest)
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    Christmas White Shoopuf [2021] ~Sign-ups CLOSED~

    Never played this before but I'm in.
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    FFXII: What would you change?

    Make Vaan more relevant. Ashe is more of a main character than him.
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    Best Boys in Final Fantasy?

    IV 1. Golbez 2. Kain 3. Fusoya VII 1. Red III IX 1. Amarant XII 1. Basch Tactic 1. Cidolfus Orlandeau
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    SPOILERS Do you think we will see a return to the medieval Final Fantasy games?

    Final Fantasy Tactic is the closest to Medieval until they introduced airplane and guns.
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    Favorite Cid?

    Cidolfus Orlandeau from FF Tactic. A honourable warrior. He can fight as Divine Knight, Holy Knight and Dark Knight. He makes the game too easy.
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    [V2] Best Final Fantasy Game?

    Final Fantasy Tactic. Variety of classes, great and deep story. The bar system is nice addition. You can hear rumour and dispatch your party members to collect some ancient treasures. Unlike other Final Fantasy games you can recruit party members through shop. You can also recruit monsters to...
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    Which Final Fantasy deserves a prequel?

    Final Fantasy Tactic although I haven't played other FF games, it has deep story and left a deep impression to me.