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    My latest challenge

    i remeber the first time i played final fantasy 7 and i got to demon wall i was about 14 my elder sister had a file and she had beaten demon wall, but i could not i tried and tried lol so one day i loaded her file up and then saved over my file with hers lol :p but now i matured i have done it...
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    who is planning on getting version 2.0 on PS3?

    im going for ps3 to as i never really played games on pc i cant wait to play this :)
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    KHIII Kingdom Hearts III E3 2013 Trailer

    i really cant wait for this its gonna be great :) i love looking at all the new ps4 releases nice to see this on the list.
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    How many FF's have you beaten?

    FF 7 8 9 10 12 13 13x2 dirge Cerberus loved them all 12 and 8 are prob my most favorite ones
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    Hi :)

    Hi :)
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    Does ANYBODY else like Vaan?

    I love Vaan he is really good looking :D he is my little mage whos never out the party :P
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    FFXII: Love It or Hate It?

    I personally loved it, it was not my first final fantasy I played so it too was different battle system but I just saw it as a change in styles and enjoyed the game for what it was made for. :)
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    Your First REALLY Big Struggle

    My biggest memory of getting stuck was Yunalesca took me days to beat her lol