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    Sylph and Phantom caves recommended lvl? (FFIV JP version)

    Hi, everyone! This is my first time playing FFIV and I chose to play the japanese version translated to English, however, I am having quite the trouble getting on these two caves, the Sylph cave and the Phantom cave (or world of Summons). I already figured out how not to get hurt by the floor...
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    Let's Replap Final Fantasy 9 [PS4][FIN]!

    Mt. Gulug was quite difficult for me, I don't know why... I had to grind a lot to finish it. Also poor Zorn and Thorn, they were annoying but oh dear they look so creepy on their "mixed" form! :o By the way, I also remember questioning myself why Kuja would ever need the Gulug stone... it's...
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    Let's Replap Final Fantasy 9 [PS4][FIN]!

    Oh! I remember that part with the owls, had quite the hard time figuring out what to do hahaha xD Gosh, I do like Conde Petie. I spent so many hours there! (Also the wedding hahahaha).
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    Christmas 2017

    Oh my! Can't wait to participate in the events! :D Also wish there was more activity in the forums...
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    Help Question about the level curve

    Hi! I am playing FFVIII for the first time too and I am at CD3. Just adding to what Zaxo said, you can stack up to 100 of each magic so the more magic you have, the more it will raise your status when you junction. Also, when you add magic to your attack or resistance, you have to be careful...
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    Why is Final Fantasy 3 so disliked by many people?

    Maybe because people find it hard? And can be quite time consuming because of the job mechanics? I haven't played the remake, just a fan translation of the one for famicom and so far, I have enjoyed it a lot. The only complain I have is that you get the best jobs right at the end so leveling...
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    FF main theme cover

    Hello, everyone! It's been quite a while since I last posted here. Sorry for being so inactive in the last days. By the way, did you know of Square's contest of making a cover of Final Fantasy's main theme? Well, I did mine and wanted to share it with you...
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    Fan Art My FF IX Fan art

    Oh, thank you so much!! :) I'm happy you like them. I mostly use color pencils and watercolors to paint. What tools do you like to use for making your art?
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    [Birthweek 2017] Crossword.

    This looks like so much fun! I'm going to give it a try, definitely :D
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    Fan Art My FF IX Fan art

    Hi, everyone! I'm sorry for being so inactive lately, job has kept me very busy. But I promised some time ago I was going to share my drawings with you, so, here are two of my FF IX fan arts. I used color pencils to do them. Tell me what you think of them. :)
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    Thank you so much, everyone! Sure! I'll be uploading some drawings in the section :)
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    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran I've been into listening to Ed Sheeran lately. I love how nostalgic this song is :,)
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    Hey, thanks! Nice to meet you all! :D @shivas and @Linnaete : Sure! I'll show you some of my artworks. These two are some fan arts I did :) @Cabbage : My favorite FF so far is IX, but I also like IV a lot :) @Dionysos: Thanks! I'm so happy you like it! Yes! I'm willing to join you in other...
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    Is Marcus a goblin?

    Wow! I had not thought about it until now but it is true! He sure has characteristics of a goblin. Still, I like the idea of him being more of a hybrid, the son of a human and a goblin, because he also has a very human appearance. And I don't think that would be strange; we've had this kind of...
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    Unpopular Final Fantasy Opinions

    Um..let's see... 1. I really think FFXII storyline copies too much from Starwars (A New Hope). 2. I agree on Lightning being such a bitch. I can't find anything likeable on her but neither on her sister. I find Serah really boring and more of a Mary-Sue overall. Actually, I can't find anything...