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    FFXI Based game on RPG Maker Anyone tried making one?

    This is 100% true. I haven't used RPG maker in a long time, but last I knew, it didn't support Active Time Battles (maybe the newer version do?). Aside from that, you'd probably be better off making a fan game based off of the 16 bit games since RPG maker is molded after those styles of games...
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    Any thoughts on why the direction of Final Fantasy has become... Poor?

    XIII isn't entirely linear, as you can go back to previous locations and do some more hunting around and looking for other materials, and some spots open up after you beat the game. X is linear compared to all the other FF's in that you can't just go explore the world leisurely and the game kind...
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    Any thoughts on why the direction of Final Fantasy has become... Poor?

    If I read correctly, Square merged with Enix because Square was in some hot water financially. Time Travel: FF1 had time travel. Not to the extent FF13-2 has, but you have to travel back in time to stop Garland/Chaos. I do agree that the series has gone downhill. To me, the 16 bit FF's are...
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    Racism for Children

    Earthbound was intended to have media related things in the game on purpose to help sales in America, where RPG's were selling poorly during that time. Lots of other musical references are in there as well, such as the Beatles :)
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    dra600n's leveling guide to make the ultimate character / level up tricks / game glitches

    I didn't know that! Good info there :) It actually is a bug because it sets the attribute to immune to all physical attacks and 100% on magic attacks, so that's what triggered Doom/X-Zone to work 100% of the time.
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    Your Favourite Final Fantasy VI Character

    So Terra has no good reason for being manipulated or having her parents destroyed by Ghestal's invasion, who was later teamed with Kefka? :P Seems like a legit reason to me. They all do have reasons, but I do agree that Cyan is one of the characters that's up there with a real reason. My...
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    Why the Final Fantasy VII Obsession Needs to End...Now.

    I disagree slightly with that we will consider the next in line to be inferior. While it's generally true in most cases (movie sequels, a band's follow up album, a book, video games, etc), there will always be exceptions, and of course, peoples tastes. Keeping on the subject of Final Fantasy...
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    Weird Eating Habits?

    I beat anorexia! :P I definitely think you won the thread for weird food combos lol
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    The world has become to sensitive and politically correct in the last 15 years; it's sad. If you think the "R" word is bad, look at what's been added to the dictionary in the last year two: Frenemy, ahha moment, craft beer, man cave, etc...
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    The "bad omen" of a video game franchise

    Diablo 3 definitely killed "classic" Diablo (1 and 2) because it completely screwed everything that made Diablo 1 and 2 stand out up. The maps aren't nearly as randomized as previous Diablo's, the story felt quickly rushed, and 3 follows an almost identical path that 2 did - Act 1 near...
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    FFVI: Love It or Hate It?

    Awesome story, awesome soundtrack, awesome characters, awesome gameplay - there's nothing to hate about this game. Lots of secrets and easter eggs, lots of content, this game has it all. One of the best titles of the 16 bit era, if not the very best.
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    Why the Final Fantasy VII Obsession Needs to End...Now.

    The Shinra/Ghestal empire was mentioned for similarities between FF6 and FF7. Yes, FF7 had a lot of minigames, FF1 had the slider puzzle and FF2j has a matching game. FF6 you had to fend off the Empire twice in Narshe. FF7 has been milked by the spin off titles that share the same name, as well...
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    Why the Final Fantasy VII Obsession Needs to End...Now.

    Wonderswan remakes shouldn't count since they're not released outside of Japan (unless you import them). Andriod and iOS should fall under the same category as mobile, since they're the same platforms (me just being nitpicky), and you also forgot the MSX remakes. Though, I will argue that FF4...
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    Why the Final Fantasy VII Obsession Needs to End...Now.

    Porting it is hardly milking the title(s) You claimed there were a lot of features specific to FF7. I asked what, aside from the 3 or 4 I listed, you claimed many, I asked what and still have no answer. It's a genuine question. It's not self righteous questioning when the questions are being...
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    Why the Final Fantasy VII Obsession Needs to End...Now.

    Explain how they milked previous FF games, or even the ones after FF7. FF6 came out, that was it. FF4 came out, that was it. FF1 and Mystic Quest came out, that was it. There wasn't some huge marketing campaign, nor spin off titles, or movies based on those games. They were released, very little...