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    Omnislash and Knights of The Round Table makes the final boss real easy... If you spend your time getting them.
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    Help Job Combination

    I've played FF3 for well over 60+ hours. This is by far the most overall destroying party in the game hands down. Luneth - Viking Bard - Arc Refia - White Mage>Devout/Sage Ingus - Dark Knight Viking+Dark Knight+Bard+White Mage>Devout/Sage = Legit Life and Death Machine. You'll be able to...
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    FFIII - Worth Getting?

    Depends if you like the whole job system and can bare with a lackluster story. Still great fun though.
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    Would you like to see a remake/spinoff to this game?

    Personally, I'd like a remake to FF3 as a whole. More jobs, a much deeper story with better overall character develop, more bosses, more to explore... The game has strong potential, It's took bad it was just a remake of the NES version with a few things here and there.