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    SEN ID Thread

    "Bustersword07" Feel very free to add me. I accept random friend requests especially if they play a lot of Uncharted and CoD. Planning on getting Saint's Row the Third and Skyrim too. I still have like 40 friend slots left so please feel free :)
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    Playstation Final Fantasy HD Collection

    I'm actually more interested in collecting the trophies from these HD final fantasy's more than anything. If FFX HD did make it's way here, I'd get it for the trophies. I've 100% the game so many times, a plat would be nothing short of easy for me.
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    Gaming Wishlist 2011

    Uncharted 3 And Modern Warfare 3 I have a friend that's always gaming on the weekends and used to be an XBox player until I converted him lol. He now has his PS3 setting up camp at my place and will buy the following: Battlefield 3 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Saints Row: The Third (Saints Row...
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    arctic monkeys

    Their music does have a timed feel to it and it does kick ass. I'm just not too much of a fanatic to care about the music videos, though.
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    Happy Birthday Andy!

    Say thank you and to anybody who spends the 10 seconds of their precious time to view this thread. lol Even though turning 22 is about as exciting as watching paint dry but it's good nonetheless. ^_^
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    Anyone finished this game 100%

    I got my platinum trophy around April 10th, and the hardest one to get was no doubt the tresure hunter trophy.
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    Serious I just don't know what to do anymore

    hey Nick, it's me. I was EXACTLY in your situation you just described. Social Anxiety. Thats what you have. You worry too much about what others think of you and at the same time, watch too much what you say. You are unable to engage in any small talk. Amiright? I tell you what...
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    SOTW 102 Voting Thread

    I'm going with 3. Don't know where they got the clips to make that animation cause that movie is brand new, but I loved it how it showed one of the most memorable scenes of that movie. I would have voted for 6 but I had to have my girlfriend tell me what that the sentences said because of the...
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    Help me pick a game!!!

    Your boyfriend here, I'd say go for GTA:VCS. Since you're already in tune to the whole GTA Games and you love screwing around in San Andreas, it's a good fit. And there's a bit of summer left, playing it now would be a good time to do so. You may be worried that you are spoiled over San...
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    Did you find FF1 hard?

    If you played the GBA version or the PSP version, then it was easy. It was sooo much easier then the other versions.
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    Did you find FF1 hard?

    I'd say in terms of diffuculty, the NES version of Final Fantasy 1 would have to be horrible! I beat it on 'normal' difficulty on the PS1 version. The difference between the PS1 version and the NES version is the upgraded Graphics and the ability to dash.(biggest difference anyway) There was...
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    where would you like to live in ff9

    For Me, it would have to be Esto Gaza. I love the seclusion. I love the Scenery. And that nice calm music. And I don't mind the cold weather. (I weigh 270 pounds and have a 50 inch waist.) The cold doesn't get to me as much. The standard living is probably high. The worst I would think...
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    Playstation Grand Theft Auto IV

    YEAH, I love GTAIV, and an expansion pack is all great. But what would the cost be. I never beaten the game and my brother sold his 360 so I have no system to play it on. I guess I'll have to find a good reason to buy a PS3, huh.
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    I have a question about the Entites

    I just stole the Lesach Halycon from the Lesach Entite in Parama Rift. But I'm afraid that if I destroy it, then I don't get to fight it again. Last file, it seemed like when I got strong enough, I went and killed off any of the Entites and when I started trying to steal the Halycons from them...
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    SOTW 64 Voting Thread!

    8: It's the fact that there is no character from any movie, show, or game. It's simple and at the same time, very dark and deep. Most importantly to me, just about halloween and halloween only.