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Mar 26, 2015
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FFXV Universe E3 2017 trailer (June 2017):

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto - Guest Composer Trailer (June 13th, 2017):

ATR June 23rd fan translation:
original link:

Just some big points and translations i did on the side as i watched the stream. :-) This may include some spoilers for those that have not watched the trailers at all.

Stream starts with an overview summary of E3

footage of ffxv on the xbox 1s

Monster of the deep

Prompto dlc

they showed the video compilation of mat's bad demo play again rofl

Apparently mat got a very rare bug during the live demo and was aware of it so he ended the demo play earlier and the team was grateful for that. That's why the gameplay trailer had more than what was played at e3.

Kings knight

Monster of the deep

GUEST: Takizawa Masashi - Monster of the deep director. (also leader of game design in the main game)

why fishing?

lots of content in 15. if we wanted to do vr, it seemed like fishing might be fun. When we think about what would be good to be immersed in in the game, it was fishing.

In the past, we were shown trailers of a shooting VR with prompto, what happened to it?

It's the one with him shooting the behemoth right? Ultimately that was a concept that we just put together to show at e3. We had an opportunity to show something so we made that. When we sat down and thought about it, trying to be immersed in the ffxv world while still fighting in VR was a lot more difficult than we thought.

Did you feel like it was a good concept but was wasted, after putting all that concept together?

(Tabata)Overall we thought it would be too difficult to do.. what do you think? (Takizawa)yeah uh.. i guess. It's not like we totally scrapped it. (he tried really hard to explain) That was in the form of a shooting vr and we wanted to go for another type of experience that might satisfy the players..

Another type.. meaning.. it won't just be one...?

*everyone goes silent. mm? nn? *

what's with this tension!

(Tabata) -laughs- This makes it a bit hard to move on. (Takizawa) yeah i guess...

-everyone laughs and just says yeah.. hmm i guess.. yeahh -

okay wait so let me try and rephrase and start over. Right now the VR game is fishing, but going back to what was previously said, there will be more?

(Tabata) Well we didn't say that... did we? we can't say for sure. I'll try to say it properly. Last year what we wanted to do required lots of staff and resources, so in the end we split the work up and some worked on the fishing game, while others are working on something else. umm. can i not say that?

So what you're saying is there's 2?

i guess -laughter-

This time the game is immersive and you can meet and interact with the ffxv characters. You don't have to be very experienced with fishing in general to enjoy the game.
Are there bosses in the game?

(Takizawa) You can get game overs. (Tabata) You see a crossbow in the trailer, so you do have to do something fighting.

june free update GUEST: Nakazawa Takatsugu - Update director.

Regalia-d gameplay is shown. You can run over small creatures based on speed and momentum rofl.
There's a high score tracker for how high you can jump.
Nissin cup noodle hat available. The preview is hilarious.* Noctis finds out insomnia has fallen and goes "WHAT?" with the hat.*
Equipping the hat increases HP gain. "because cup noodles are delicious" says tabata
People that bought the cup noodle set can download it this month but it will be available for the rest next (few?) months
Magitek Exo suits are still being worked on and look very different from the first preview but we won't have to wait long and it's coming soon.
Episode Prompto DLC GUEST: Toya Tsukasa - Sub director.

3 points players can look forward are fighting in the snowy mountains, the shooting system and prompto's character development
Easy for players to get into even if you're bad at fps/shooters
So in this dlc, we see Aranea.

(Toya) yeah so in episode Gladio, we see Cor and his relationship with gladio. There are some stuff linked between Aranea and Prompto that is different from them so people can look forward to it. (Tabata) Their stories are also interesting on their own.

Full view of prompto and aranea outfits.
there's a time attack mode with the snow mobile and this mode is not part of the story. Just a play mode.
In the time attack mode, you ride a snow mobile and the yellow jewels are called "speed jewels". The more you collect, the faster you go. There are different routes you can take with some leading to the goal faster than others. The ending animation of Prompto changes depending on your result time.
Gameplay for the dlc is about 2 hours, not including any side quests and exploring and playing around with the weapons and shooting system.
User survey

Regarding the survey the put out in the previous update.

GUEST: Mittsu - Community team rep.

Survey count on the website (15,432), game (422,789)
They will reveal the results of the survey in the future.
The survey will end by the next update.
A community event in osaka on the 7/1. It will be live streamed on periscope.
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire (mobile game)

(i wasn't very interested so i didn't pay too much attention lol)

It's using the same universe and characters but sort of set in a parallel world.
More information

Comic book anthology cover revealed. The characters are very popular and they want to tell more stories with them so they're releasing a Comic anthology on the 27th next month.
Official FFXV LINE account. Free time limited LINE stamps. (not available yet but will be soon)
What's next?

(Akio) We are currently in the process of getting ready for the summer.

(Tabata) Yes right now we are really very busy. We have decided that this summer we've got to do this right. why's that? Well that's because.. GamesCom. We don't seem to do well at it. -laughs-

(Akio) 2 years ago, we were scolded by a lot of people about how bad our announcements were.

(Tabata) Yeah it was like "if you're not going to announce a release date, why are you even here?" kinda thing.

(Akio) And then last year, we announced the delay in the release date.

(Tabata) Oh yeah, i announced it. -laughter-

(Akio) So yes we're putting all we can into this summer. Surely we can't do this after 2 consecutive years.

(Tabata) Yes, we hope to be able to bring you great announcements this GamesCom

(Akio) We hope you all enjoy what we bring to you this summer.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Teaser *Release window will be in December of this year*(June 26th, 2017):

Also, Episode Prompto should be live in certain parts of the world at this point.


Mar 26, 2015
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Behind the Voice Actors - Voice Acting Awards 2016 Winners Announced (July 25th, 2017):
original link:
The 2016 official winners for Behind the Voice Actors (BTVA) has been announced!

Ray Chase (Noctis Lucis Caelum), Adam Croasdell (Ignis Scientia), Darin De Paul (Ardyn Izunia), Chris Parson (Gladiolus Amicitia, but nominated for Junkrat), Amy Shiels (Lunafreya Nox Fleuret), and Matthew Mercer (Cor Leonis, but nominated for general voice acting) were among the nominees. Final Fantasy XV was also a nominee for best vocal ensemble in a video game.

The results pertaining to FFXV are as follows:

Matthew Mercer (General | Cor Leonis): People's Choice for Best Voice Actor of the Year
Ray Chase (Noctis Lucis Caelum): People's Choice for Best Vocal Performance in a Video Game
Darin De Paul (Ardyn Izunia): Official Breakthrough Voice Actor of the Year; People's Choice Breakthrough Voice Actor of the Year; Official Best Male Voice Performance in a Video Game in a Supporting Role; People's Choice Best Male Voice Performance in a Video Game in a Supporting Role

Final Fantasy XV DLC expansion "Comrades" Information (July 26th, 2017):

Far as I know those that own the season pass will be able to play a test version from August 3 to August 8. More information is provided in the link.