1. JivelyGames

    Hello! My name is Jively and I've been streaming Final Fantasy games

    Thanks for coming to read my intro! I am a new streamer and have started in the realm of Final Fantasy. I just finished a finale stream of FFVI where I reached the credits and "The End" for my first time and it was such a great experience. I am going to continue playing Final Fantasy IV: The...
  2. Ryatta

    KHII Your thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 2

    Hey! I'm just wondering what everyone who's played KH2 thinks of it.. I've played though several times over the years and my opinion has shifted alot. I loved it as a kid, found it very style over substance as an adult yet on replaying on critical + and tackeling the Final Mix content I've...
  3. Ryatta

    Reviews Exist Archive Review (TLDW: It's Valkyrie Profile in all but name!)

    I took a look at Exist Archive as I herd it was a spiritual sucessor to the Valkyrie Profile series.. however it's almost an exact copy but with art that's just less interesting.. a hybrid between the main to VP games but made on a much lower budget unfortunately.
  4. Ellythrion

    Feedback on new iOS port review / Let's Play?

    Hiya all, I'm new to the forums and, as a long-term enormous Final Fantasy fan, can't quite believe it's taken me this long to be on here! Looking forward to chatting with fellow fans and sharing in my love of this amazing series! I just wanted to share with FF9 fans in particular a new Let's...
  5. allyxthexninja

    Which game do you prefer, VII or VIII?

    Hey guys! I am currently in the process of making an informative video about each game, as well as a separate video explaining what everyone's opinions of the two are! This is a conversation I have had with so many, and even today I am still unsure of why people like one or the other. I figured...