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    KH Spinoffs Birth By Sleep ~Volume Two~ [Some Spoilers]

    [Right, so I'm probably late coming into this, as I'm guessing some or a lot of you have already heard of this. :unsure: Still, figured since I can't find anything other than people's random theories or 'want lists' on a lot of other sites it'd be worth it to post this on a site I know I can get...
  2. The Welsh Paddy

    Journey To The Lunar Sea

    Feel free to move this if this is in the wrong section... >.> _______________________________________________________ A boy and girl were sat on a tree stump atop a hill. Behind them lay the village of Ceres, a peaceful town tucked away from the rest of the world. Staring at the night sky, the...
  3. V

    How to survive the Jenova apocalypse

    so i found out how the world will end December 21st 2012... Its not a zombie apocalypse or the earth exploding or the magnetic poles shifting nay, it is Jenova the calamity of the skies, she will judge us all at the reunion until then i as a Jenovas witness will be preaching the tale of the...