1. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Replap Final Fantasy 9 [PS4][FIN]!

    Let's Replap Final Fantasy 9! Hey there folks, I'm really excited to bring to you the start of a new let's replay! Final Fantasy 9 has always been one of my favourite games and since it was my first ever let's play, it holds a special place in the ol' blood pumper. For those who don't know...
  2. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Replay Resident Evil 4! [Pro][PS4]

    Hey there folks, welcome to the start of a whole new let's replay! Resi 4 was always one of my favourite games and with October coming up, it's time to kick start the Halloween month with this! Resident Evil 4 was made by Capcom and Criware and is a survival horror mixed with incredibly heavy...
  3. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Replay Alundra!

    Hey there folks, here's the replay I was talking about! Alundra is a great adventure game, with dark themes and horror elements throw in throughout! There are also platforming bits and...well, other genres here and there. Everyone compared it to Link To The Past if that's any indication of...