1. Cloud Squall

    Confusion: Why can't Sephiroth control Vincent??

    If Sephiroth can control the Jenova cells inside of Cloud, why can't he control Vincent in the same way? Vincent has the ability to transform due to Jenova cells inside of him, so Sephiroth therefore should be able to control him, right?
  2. T

    A horror themed Final Fantasy?

    By horror themes I of course mean tropes typically associated with horror, not that the game is trying to scare players. So scare factor is irrelevant here, only the themes matter. Let's get started. So looking back on Final Fantasy VII, you can notice it uses a bunch of horror tropes. The cave...
  3. V

    How to survive the Jenova apocalypse

    so i found out how the world will end December 21st 2012... Its not a zombie apocalypse or the earth exploding or the magnetic poles shifting nay, it is Jenova the calamity of the skies, she will judge us all at the reunion until then i as a Jenovas witness will be preaching the tale of the...
  4. Link2010

    Sephiroth Conundrum

    BE WARNED!! THAR BE SPOILERS UP IN HERE I recently replayed FF VII and i remembered an old question from the first time i played this great game: If Sephiroth is crystalized in Mount Nibel(which you discover in disc 2) how could he have possibly killed President Shinra and Aerith? I could...