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    Tidus and Jecht Confirmed for Dissidia!

    Wow, looks cool. D:
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    L i g h t's/Lady Rufus' Landfill.

    Wow. I love your 3rd one. Could you share the C4D you used? I wont mind if you say no. ^_^;
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    SOTW 46 Voting Thread!

    I'm going with #5, the lightning's great. :)
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    =O Ty. ^^
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    I use GIMP. Latest Ones
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    SOTW 45 Voting thread

    I'm going with number 1. I love the C4D usage, great lightning and good colors.
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    Ooh I see. Haha. yeah ill probably PM him later. thanks for the heads up. ;D
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    Well yeah I know. xD Thought it'd be the right section to post it in? O_o
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    Crisis Core battle system love it or hate it??

    I like it. But im use to the old taking turns battle system. But doesn't matter, I enjoy it a lot. Including the story.
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    Not sure, but how does an upgrade in your vBulletin sound? =/ Currently its 3.6.8, but theres a lot more updated versions out currently so maybe a nice update in the forums would be cool.
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    Which is better X or 12

    I enjoyed Final Fantasy X more. Though the voice acting was hard to watch. lol I wasnt so fond with the new gameplay they had in XII. Plus there were too much scenes.. IMO. =/
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    Last anime you watched

    D-Gray Man and Soul Eater. Haven't had time to catch up on some episodes but once summer comes ill get there soon.
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    What Are You Currently Listening To V2

    Black Sabbath - Bloody Sabbath 11/10 I dont know but the song has a magical feel in it.
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    Hi everything.

    Yep. Guns N Roses is probably in my top 3 bands. :D
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    Hip Hop/Rap

    Uhm, I rarely listen to rap but uh, probably my fav song from that genre is RUN-DMC-It's Tricky =/