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    warbourne, it's simply cause what I was wondering afterwards was
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    PC StarCraft

    hello, I feel like I should correct what you've said Hera :D Blizzard said there will be the same three races as before with the same number of units in each race as before, but they could suprise us I hope cause it was kind of disappointing to hear no hybrids. And also there was a Starcraft...
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    Blue Dragon

    its got to be good with akira's charm put into it :)
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    Inquiry Quick PS question

    ya haha, i just had to select "inside" for the stroke :D
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    Inquiry Quick PS question

    when I select a whole image to stroke to make a border it doesn't work, how come?
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    GFX Competition

    yes look for SOTW sticky posts when u click on creativity inspiration or talk to the guy that hosts it, sephire
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    Kingdom Hearts Help Thread

    how do u beat oogie boogie i know u have to hit the die then jump and attack him but i quickly run out of cards because i keep stocking them because otherwise i wont be able to hit the die :| *nvm i got it, i was just bein lazy and didnt want to try
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    Multiple Platforms Chrono Trigger

    uh, on the wii? lol i got all the endings, all the techniques, dual, triple, I think I did everything in the game. it was a lot of fun, hehe :P
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    Halo 3

    2 for some time around December :D i thot beta testing was already going on
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    Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    ocarina was sad too *and majora's mask also
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    I wish to offer my help and services ...

    is that writing on your avatar and banners hylian by any chance
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    yes it was hard hehe
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    Perspective Signature Tutorial

    hey could you tell me how the transparency works cause I've tried saving a pic on a transparent background and in the end it just becomes a white part where it should be transparent appreciate any help