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    Happy birthday, Duhem!

    Happy Birthday, Duhem! 🐺 Have a great & musical birthday!
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    Yoshitaka Amano Appreciation!

    Yoshitaka Amano's work is certainly unique to himself. I've seen his work out in the wild in shops in the past and just immediately knew it was his craft. My personal interest in him is how he draws his monsters; very interesting & awesome looking. Though honestly there's multiple works that...
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    Vocal Preferences

    Just a small topic for thought today: I've had this conversation before with my brother and I think about it every now & then. While he doesn't limit himself strictly, he does find that he listens to music with female-lead (or feminine) vocals more often that male/masculine, and I myself tend to...
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    Cover Duhemsounds Final Fantasy covers

    How does it feel to be at 150 Duhem?! Keep up the great & amazing work that you're so clearly passionate about. I enjoyed listening to this one! 2:00-2:25 was my favorite part, which seems strangely specific but I loved the transition from the dark bits to the more calm after that. I'm not very...
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    [V7] What are you currently listening to?

    Doing some work & chilling out to some music. Love the melancholic feel of this song ('Hollow' specifically in this case; the entire track was posted in this one video, but check this thread for more info) It's great ambiance & great BG music to work along to.
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    House of the Dragon (Game of Thrones prequel)

    Sorta interested in this. I wasn't a huge follower of the original series, and honestly fell off watching somewhere between seasons 6 & 7 and just followed along with recaps. I can see this could have some potential but still the onslaught of nudity & gore really just aren't for my pallet & I...
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    Shoopuf anatomy question: do shoopufs have two pairs of ears?

    :P Perhaps instead of the World Elephant myth it could be more fitting for Spira to follow along with the World Shoopuf equivalent? I don't see why the spiracle theory for Shoopufs wouldn't hold up. What were they doing before the Hypello started utilizing them? I imagine they probably spent a...
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    Final Fantasy 12 Collectable Help!

    This is definitely a card flash drive of some sort. Have you tried looking to see what was on it? I don't see anything online about FF12 having anything like this, so maybe it's fan-made? Also, welcome to the forums :flower:
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    SPOILERS So, is Tidus an Aeon then?

    I'm not gonna spoiler mark everything in this thread/post, but there is a Spoiler tag on this thread, so just be aware if you've never played this game at this point. Just beat FFX again since the first time in quite a few years. I'm realizing now that I didn't truly understand the plot quite...
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    Shoopuf anatomy question: do shoopufs have two pairs of ears?

    :lew: Just had a proper laugh today about this. Was looking through some of these FFX threads and came across this Shoopuf thread. Looking closely at our precious Shoopuf the holes reminded me of the holes that you see on Rays behind their eyes: Which, after doing a quick google, you'll find...
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    [V2] What are you currently playing?

    Revisiting Final Fantasy X. Been actually playing in my spare time for the last month, but still actively playing! I definitely have a different perspective about this game now, it's kinda funny, but been enjoying my time all the same. I think I get a little more something out of these games...
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    [FF IX] Would you like to see a remake/spinoff to this game?

    It's curious how there's been a few FFIX related content being announced, such as the TV series & the raceable characters/courses with Chocobo GP. I don't necessarily buy into the rumor, but at the moment I think we'll all not be as shocked if it turns out true. I'm not a personal fan of FFIX...