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    Announcements New Global Moderator Six

    Congratulations. :monster: This was a surprise actually.....I already thought you were a GM. xD
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    Happy birthday, Tami!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Zodiac Age rare game and trial mode

    Its possible that you've eliminated any of the following: Melt Wendice Dreadguard Gavial Biding Mantis Vorres Dheed Crystal Knight Abelisk Disma They will appear in your bestiary if you've fought them in Trial Mode but obviously the trophy won't appear. Honestly though, I have a feeling you're...
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    Where would you live?

    It would have to be Esthar (only if Laguna were president that is) - I've always been fascinated by futuristic cities and whatnot, and this is a futuristic as you get. The sheer size of the city on the world map is pretty incredible as well and I've gotten lost many times during the story. If...
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    Devil May Cry 5 - PS4

    Bit late on the bandwagon, but I couldn't find a thread about this game so I decided to post this. Is anyone else as hyped as I am about a new main series DMC game? After rebooting the series in the format of DmC - which in all honesty was a 'decent-ish' game...I lost hope in the continuation...
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    Happy Birthday Ross!

    Happy Birthday! :monsmash:
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    Information Shu-boat set sail!

    Damn.. just as I've returned too. :( At least you'll still be around here and there. Family and personal commitments are of the utmost importance so I hope they go smoothly as possible. :monster:
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    YouTube FFF Sims Lifestream Episode III: Fire and Furry- I mean Fury

    Great work, love the style in which you write. :) Not sure what the ghost is, and of course there had to be a fire again! xD
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    FFF Yearbook 2018

    Looks amazing! Everyone's comments were really nice and I liked all the drawings around the messages. Feels incredible that I've first joined 12 years ago...ha. Well...long may that continue! :monsmash:
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    Favourite extinct animal?

    Passenger Pigeon There were about 4 billion of these birds all over North America just a few hundred years ago; however a combination of large scale hunting, and deforestation saw them die out pretty quickly. The last recorded pigeon was in 1914 whilst in captivity. Before the arrival of the...
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    [V3] Last Movie You've Seen

    Movie title: Collateral Rating: 15 or 18...can't remember. Comments: I watched some of the Bourne Identity at work recently and the music and overall feel of the movie just reminded me of this film - Jamie Foxx stars as a taxi driver who's in the doldrums, living through the eyes of his...
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    YouTube FFF Sims Lifestream Episode I: The Blazing Blunder

    Haha! This is amazing, especially eating herself with a great big grin on her face. xD Great storytelling, this could even be made into a physical magazine series or something. :monster:
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    Use an item/spell on the next poster!

    OW, OW, OW! .....but has learnt 1000 Needles in the process* *Uses Reflect on next poster
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    FFF Sims Lifestream (Discussion)

    House looks awesome! Nice touch with the tree in the top-right corner, especially in the night screenshot. :monster: