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    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered - Let's Talk About It!

    Too be fair, when FFX released, it was their first mainline game that had VA in it. Since then the VA/direction has improved a good amount. Take FFXV for example. There's no definitive VA language that's superior for that particular game. Does a remaster need VA that wasn't originally...
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    Final Fantasy XV General Discussion Thread

    Not that anybody cares (and it's probably old news at this point anyway but meh), but the final 4 major DLC far as I know will be Episode Ardyn, Episode Luna, Episode Aranea, and Episode Noctis. I don't know if that will be the official names of those respective episodes. I'm looking forward...
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    Final Fantasy XV - Aftermath of Uncovered

    FFXV 1 Year Anniversary ATR *Final One* (November 29th, 2017): If you'd like to see translation of the Japanese version posted earlier a link to the subreddit link will be provided. Link may have spoilers...
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    Final Fantasy XV - Aftermath of Uncovered

    FFXV x Tekken 7 Crossover November 12th 2017: Did not see this coming. The hype is real.
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    My Journey with FFXV

    I finally got motivated enough to finish my short project. It's certainly not the best quality, but I do hope I made a few decent points. FFXV has been out for 11ish months at this point. There have been some controversial things that I cover, and I'd like to see what you personally find...
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    Help Question about the level curve

    I wouldn't worry too much about your damage output as you can get access to the Meltdown magic later on which will lower the enemies physical defense to 0 allowing your characters to cap out physical damage a lot easier. If possible, I'd recommend keeping your levels low until you get a new...
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    Final Fantasy XV - Aftermath of Uncovered

    Final Fantasy XV 1.13 is now live! Chain link attacks from Episode Duscae are back! Also, Chocobros in the suits:
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    Final Fantasy XV - Aftermath of Uncovered

    Behind the Voice Actors - Voice Acting Awards 2016 Winners Announced (July 25th, 2017): original link: The 2016 official winners for Behind the Voice Actors (BTVA) has been announced! Ray Chase...
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    Final Fantasy XV - Aftermath of Uncovered

    FFXV Universe E3 2017 trailer (June 2017): Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto - Guest Composer Trailer (June 13th, 2017): ATR June 23rd fan translation: Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Teaser *Release window will be in December of this year*(June 26th, 2017): Also, Episode Prompto...
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    There are no plans for an English version as of right now. Ray Chase addressed that @17:55 - 19:00 in the following video: <--- The rest of the video may contains spoilers to the game so take caution with the rest.
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    T.O.T's gaming thread

    Blade & Soul recently got Act 7 story added to the game along with a skill revamp that eliminates hybrid builds that existed in the past. I figured I'd try my luck out with at Fister's Tower and see my luck. I'm pretty rusty, and I have a lot to learn still. I'm not a fan of Lolis, but...
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    Final Fantasy XV - Aftermath of Uncovered

    Update 1.09 should now be live! Hunts have made a return with a ranking system set in place. Font size on certain things can now be made larger, and an option has been added for PS4 Pro to improve frame stability. Final Fantasy XV Director Talks About Being “Challenger” Again, and How a...
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    Pitioss (pity us) Ruins...

    I'm not good at platforming so it took me 6 hours to finish it. Thankfully the PS4 has a sleep mode that will let me start the game off from where I left it. Pitioss is certainly the best optional dungeon in the vanilla game, unless you loathe platforming. There is a theory on FFXV's...
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    My Journey with FFXV

    Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladio has two boss battles. I liked the challenge that both fights provided. The music for me is pretty bossin'.
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    Final Fantasy XV - Aftermath of Uncovered

    New DLC Episode footage has been revealed for a different character! (March 31st 2017): [/SPOILER]