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    Final Fantasy IV DS NG+ help

    Hey guys! I've been playing Final Fantasy IV for the DS and I wanted to play it through with no guides at all. But then I got these "Augments" and well I missed quite a few because i didn't read any guides. So I'm wondering, if I get NG+ will i be able to get the augments that i missed?
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    What Final Fantasy character resembles you the most? And why?

    Hey there FF community! :domo: What Final Fantasy character do you resemble the most? And why? (Try to keep it 1-3 characters and the same sex) AND BE HONEST please :P Who do you guys resemble the most? :awesome::awesome:
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    My theory on FF VS 13 not showing any new development and when we should expect some

    I'm new to this community, and am sorry if my post sounds noodish. Anyways, I have a theory on why SquareEnix hasn't shown any new development on FF VS 13. My theory on why SE hasn't shown any developments is because they probably lost a lot of money in the making of FF14, which i believe is a...