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    Worst Kingdom Hearts Game?

    Coded, from a storyline perspective, barely even needs to exist. It could be argued to be completely unnecessary, in fact. I’d have preferred it never happened and gotten KHIII in time for Leonard Nemoy to voice Xehanort. Also, fite me, ZaXo.
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    Best Kingdom Hearts Game?

    Birth by Sleep. It had the darkest storyline, and Leonard Nemoy’s Xehanort was arguably the best performance for any character in the series, with the possible exceptions of Wayne Alwine’s Mickey as well as Roxas and Xion. Actually, Nemoy made that whole game for me, and I can’t forgive Nomura...
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    KHIII Favourite world in Kingdom Hearts III.

    I would have to say The Final World. It brought me to the verge of tears. If you’re asking what Disney world specifically though, I’d say San Fransokyo followed by Toy Box. Despite the lack of most of the actual actors, that world had a lot of good concepts. As things stand however, about half...
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    What do you worry will be removed from the remake?

    What it says on the tin. Basically, a place to discuss what aspects of the first game you fear being removed more than any other part of the game. This can be a scene, a line, even a minigame. I suppose you could rephrase this as asking what your favorite and potentially controversial or...
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    FFVII Headcanons

    Due to a certain fanfic, I am firmly of the opinion that if Sephiroth hadn’t gone insane, he’d be a great match for Cissnei.
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    Final Fantasy Fanfic Idea Thread

    Hmm… I’m back, but I was kind of hoping this thread would have gotten more attention. I guess this thread wasn’t as helpful as I hoped.
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    Something isn't quite right…

    Nice to meet you. I'm Draconic, self proclaimed Lord of All Dragonkind, writer and RPer. And when I found this plan I was stunned. It has the best interface of any forum I've ever seen to be honest. However… Though there seem to be enough people around, I don't see anything getting done. This...
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    New RP for volunteers

    Yes it is. It's as dead as dead can be. But you could try Beast's Lair. The link takes you to the RP section. Overall, it's a Type Moon fansite (Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime are two examples of their work), but we don't limit ourselves in our RPs. I'd be happy to apply to yours if you apply to...
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    What do you want changed? what do you want to stay the same?

    What I don't want to change? The greatest slap fight in human history, complete with foul language and reams of hatred from both sides. [This is almost certainly going to change] Any of Vincent's dialogue. Any of Yuffie's dialogue. The stairs. If you don't know what I mean, your FFVII...
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    FFVII Remake - Sephiroth & Genesis

    You all seem to be forgetting that Gackt's contract to Square-Enix ended years ago. They don't have the right to use his likeness anymore. And I'll admit, since growing up, I've come to dislike his constant spouting of bad poetry. And he can't exactly stop doing that as it's central to his...
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    FF7R: Aerith Revival (Discussion)

    Bringing her back would be the kind thing to do, but it would also suggest a lack of appreciation for her sacrifice. In a way though, even after she dies, she never really leaves you. That being said, I wouldn't be averse to having Great Gospel activating randomly in desperate moments at a later...
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    Eldritch Whispers: The Mythos (An RP based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft)

    It draws near. At that time, He shall awaken and rise from the void. All shall weep and kneel before His infinite glory, And all of civilization will finally coil around Him As it crumbles to its greatest heights Since Man vulgarly first descended to grotesque sentience. He had no right without...
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    Final Fantasy Fanfic Idea Thread

    Logistical issues are often inevitable in megacrossovers, though as this is a Final Fantasy site, it would probably be prudent for me to change 'never work' to 'rarely work.' I mean, case and point: Kingdom Hearts. And I suppose it's not fair of me to criticize your work without having sampled...
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    N o t . I n t e r e s t e d - A Cloud Strife Club

    This fan club is named delightfully, why would you think otherwise? Can I join? I don't know how things are done here, but over on Beast's Lair, there are people who keep fan clubs relevant by just posting art of the characters in question on a regular basis. It's cheap, but it keeps them alive.
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    Final Fantasy Fanfic Idea Thread

    The no tolerance for poor writing is more something that I want people to hold themselves to, not what we're looking to each other to do. is full of junk written by people begging you to review their 'really great, I swear' story or apologists who can't be bothered to make an...