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    Final Fantasy vs. RPG in general

    The Final Fantasy games both delve into an originality which isn't normally there, and are more exaggerated. Other than that, I don't find there to be a whole lot of difference. I still like Final Fantasy for this reason.
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    A good spam thread

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    A good spam thread

    It's all because of the Anti-Boobs.
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    A good spam thread

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    Eff Eff Eff needs

    No "all of the above?" option. FFF needs Matt Damon.
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    Anti-Boobs happen when gravity causes an indent. So you end up with the opposite of boobs. These chest cavities can cause serious injury. /not real
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    A shit spam thread

    Mine too.
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    Is it possible to debate anymore?

    I disagree with this because I think that those who showcase their intelligence and superiority are generally beyond having to further their understanding of the subject. If you have intelligence and superiority, few people can teach you much, and you're often left to teaching yourself. But if...
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    You don't like something I like, that makes you an idiot.

    Over time, one's tastes tend to become more experienced or in tune. So they will like different things, or know what is better. I like to think that most experienced people would actually choose some of the same things. So, I think that feeling like you are right, if you actually are, is okay...
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    Is it possible to debate anymore?

    You can, but you have to be the same way yourself. A few points aren't enough to win an argument against this type. You tend to need a passion for it like they do. I might be able to hold my own against them if they aren't "too good", and might try to. Assuming we're talking about people who...
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    Wrong answer to everything...

    Fine, so I'll give something more debatable... What got me started on this thread was thinking about conspiracy theories, and how interesting they are. I wondered why that was. I thought about how most conspiracy theories probably weren't true, yet people would probably rather believe them...
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    Wrong answer to everything...

    That's an interesting thought. But I think that to find ordinary things entertaining, one has to look hard to find the unordinary in them. Which means that ordinary things aren't as entertaining as the unordinary, because they have less indifference.
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    Battle System: Great or terrible?

    I think the battle system is simplistic and easy to follow. I like it. I also find it a little boring in comparison to some others, though. Still, it's not bad.
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    Nintendo Nintendo 3DS innovations...

    I'm interested in hearing what the greatest innovations that come with the 3DS are, from all of you. These innovations can be in the form of: 1). Games or something that has happened in one 2). Software 3). Etc. So, what has impressed you the most about it so far? :)
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