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    Lottery! Winner! Big Money!

    I don't really gamble either. At most I'll buy a lottery ticket every now and then so at most I've lost the money I've spent on that (which is not too much). I have won a few times but the smaller division winnings (which is about twice to three times what I spent on the ticket itself). LOL, I...
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    Slamming it rude?

    I'm not a really door slammer, and thinking about it that's probably because I spent a lot of time living in a rented house growing up. So we had to keep the house in good condition because it wasn't ours. Secondly, my dad also hated it when people slammed his car door. So I've always been...
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    FFFrog It - FF7R Drawing Event

    This was fun! ^_^ Did a bit of a rush job with the colouring by here's my froggy Cloud.
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    DLC in the Remake

    Definitely on the same page about this too! I would be very frustrated if the DLCs turned out to be parts of the story that were in the original game. It's already being released in parts so I hope they don't do that. Like most so far, I would like to see costumes or weapons for the characters...
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    TGS 2019 - Final Fantasy VII Trailer Shows off Turks, Don Corneo, Summons

    This trailer was amazing! I'm so excited for it! LOL - frog Cloud with his little Buster Sword! :XD: I wasn't expecting to see Reno so that was a pleasant surprise. I'm used to the voices from Advent Children and some of them are a little different so I might need to get used to them. But the...
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    Main Series Games from Worst to Best

    I haven't played them all yet (FFIII, FFVI, FFXI, and FFXIV), so my list may not be as extensive. I haven't included FFI or FFII because I don't remember enough about them to comment. But here is what I have:
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    FFF Drawgust 2019

    Theme #3: Vivi Just made it for this one! I couldn't miss out on drawing Vivi!
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    FFF Drawgust 2019

    I'm a little late, but hopefully I can still put in my sketch before the next prompt. I didn't have time to colour but here's Phoenix:
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    What's your favourite Gold Saucer Mini-Game?

    Oh wow! It's been so long since I played FFVII that I forgot how many there were! The ones I remember playing the most was G-Bike and Chocobo Racing. But between the two of those, I think I would go for Chocobo Racing because I felt like you had more input in the game by raising and breeding...
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    Tabletop/Board Games

    I've always been into tabletop games because I grew up playing them. I have a lot of cousins, so for every family get-together, we would form a big group and entertain ourselves with card games or board games. Card games were probably the most common thing that we played (it was easier to add...
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    Looking forward to it!

    Looking forward to it!
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    Saddest Final Fantasy songs.

    The saddest one for me is the FFX's ending theme. Every time I hear it I remember the scenes of the aeons disappearing and that moment when Tidus hugs Yuna - that gets me every time :cry:
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    Can I just say that your mythology manual posts are really interesting! I don't know how much...

    Can I just say that your mythology manual posts are really interesting! I don't know how much time you put into them (it looks like a lot!) but I love reading them. Thanks ^^
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    [V5] What's Your Mood?

    @bandokanon - I hope you're feeling better! Mood: Tired/Sore I've had a lot of tension building up on my shoulders lately from carrying things and working at a desk, so I've been struggling with migraines lately. It's also a bit frustrating because I feel like I could do things faster but I...
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    We know FFF really loves Cats….

    I think I'm with you on this one. For me it's the faces that are too realistic and put me off a bit. I have seen images of the musical production and I think it works better there. Like most so far, I haven't actually seen the play. But I enjoy going to see musicals in the theatre so I'm...