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    Final Fantasy IX Prequel

    Ah, yes, that shame-inducing signature... Funny how I call it a "shameless plug" when I feel embarrassed every time I remember it's there lol. Thanks for the interest at any rate! It does follow a similar philosophy in the whole world-building aspect to your story, tbh. But it will be...
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    Final Fantasy IX Prequel

    Alright! Thank you for letting us read your fanfic! I've only read the first chapter so far, but I definitely think I'll be continuing. At first I skimmed through and some punctuation errors and typos popped out at me, so I admit I was worried, but I'm glad I went ahead and read it anyhow. So...
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    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered - Let's Talk About It!

    please god no voice acting. I do not want this. I didn't want this when ff10 happened, and I don't want this now.
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    I have ADD so naturally my memory is out the window on a lot of levels. People tend to make the quick assumption that ADD only has to do with your attention span and ability to focus on one thing for a long period of time, but it's not that. It messes with your memory, too. I frequently...
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    Zidane... Cat tail...? What?!!!!

    ....I guess I would have to find out by playing the japanese version myself, since looking it up on google is getting me mixed results. One person saying something along the lines of "in english steiner calls zidane monkey for some reason lol" and another article blatantly referring to his tail...
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    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered - Let's Talk About It!

    I'm kinda ick at the decision to use the Dissidia hairstyle for Squall-- like, why do that? Why? Not only does the original hairstyle was a lot better imo, but it also clashes noticeably with his appearance in the CGI cutscenes. But that's just a little nitpick... Otherwise I'm just happy that...
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    Zidane... Cat tail...? What?!!!!

    ...Minaba may have been the art director but that didn't give him control over the character designs. That was Itahana's job, I'm pretty sure. (Not that I know how art direction works with multiple people in charge...) And both Itahana and Amano's concept art portrayed Zidane with a yellow...
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    What inspired your current username?

    way back in the mists of time I played this one online pvp game with gundams called Exteel. Wanting a cool sounding name to 1) make me feel cool and 2) mask my gender in what was at the time a sexist mmo climate, I looked up names of tanks n other heavy military tech. I almost went for...
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    Zidane and Dagger, my favorite FF pairing.

    Ha, well it doesn't help that translators covered up the alcoholic drinks with names like 'root beer'. Not that root beer can't be alcoholic too... I do agree tho, Zidane was always immature and selfish at the start-- but drinking tends to only exaggerate a person's worst (and sometimes...
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    Zidane and Dagger, my favorite FF pairing.

    I think my favorite thing about Dagger & Zidane is how, as demonstrated in OP, Steiner fits into the mix as kind of Garnet's surrogate guardian figure, at first disapproving aggressively of thee very idea that Zidane would be anywhere near Garnet, but then later showing signs of acceptance and...
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    What are you currently playing?

    Finished Lennus 2 (Might replay it bc it's got good replay value) and picked up a certain game called Kenshi. I'm so in love with Kenshi right now that I've developed backstories and drama for my player-made characters. The really hard part is trying to resist writing a fancomic for it.
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    me, having listened to everything but tuned out after a certain point: ....but lara croft was always strong...
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    Ladies, what's in your purse?

    loads of receipts I never throw out because I'm a slob, loose change tumbling around and making a mess because I'm a slob, a package of chocolates for some reason, drawing utensils & a sketch book, cell phone charging apparatus, and lint. [EDIT] also a stick???
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    Unpopular Final Fantasy Opinions

    I think I only have one(1) unpopular opinion, but it's probably controversial so maybe I get Extra Scandalousness points for saying it: FFIV's story is either Not Good, or Not For Me. EDIT MANY DAYS LATER TO AVOID DOUBLE-POSTING: A surge of reawakened negative emotions about something has...
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    S-E Release ‘Inside Final Fantasy IX’ developer diary

    Wait wait wait hold the phone ...Part of the inspiration for FFIX was The Dark Crystal? .................. ................. So THAT'S why I got so attached to FFIX. It all makes sense now.