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The TV show is even giving him another yet to get his shit together but is he fuck.
Haha yeah I know what you mean. I'm not so poor anymore but still 'student life' it up as much as I can. Probably more than I really should be to be honest. :wacky:
Seen you about lately for the first time in years. Well I’m not about much myself now at all, life happened I guess!
Just to say, hello, hope it’s going well for you. And it’s been 9 whole years since I joined the forum and you were like the first person I spoke to. It makes me feel old so god knows what that does to you haha.
Ah Rukai thanks, I know I'm handsome but what's up man? How's everything going for you?
It's been quite a break; I have had incredible things and bad things happen to me and here i am back and finally ready to see it all back. Things happen i guess hope all is well.
Welcome back!
The site has experienced a major make-over recently and it has new features.
I hope you're okay, and that you enjoy checking this community out again.
Oh hey Shu!
I just saw your message from February, sorry I haven't checked this site in ages. I hope you've been doing well man.
McGee it’s been soooo long
How you keeping?
Paddy McGee
Paddy McGee
Hahaha yeaaaaaaaaaah, I got a chicken alfredo... legit, would feel 5 people. Disgusting tbh. :lew:

Congrats...? Hahaha leaving out Cumbria(it's English so naturally I don't like it, Irish Nationalism and all that) but I do remember you were feeling a little... iffy??? about your relationship a while back. Is that all sorted?

Haha yeah I couldnt cope with that (I’m only small I’d definitely end up fat).
Yeah I do still struggle occasionally with if this is what I want forever or not, we had some big discussions and we’ve agreed on stuff now though. Every so often I panic but it’s more about ‘what if there’s something better out there?’ than being unhappy which I don’t think is a reason to leave, since we are good 99% of the time!
Paddy McGee
Paddy McGee
Haha yeaaaah it's a little disgusting at times tbh. When people finish it, it's a bit awful. Ever has legit Deep Dish pizza? There's so much of it!

Ahhhh good! There's always gonna be "Grass is greener on the other side" I guess, but it's always good to reflect on it without that mindset!
I know right it’s so frustrating!
I mean the series goes a bit different from the books after season 4 or so so it’s worth the read to see the differences I would say. I wish he’d hurry the hell up with the next book though pfffft

I’m good ta. Busy. I kinda miss the old student life. But then remember I like not being poor all the time!
Is there even any point in reading them at all now? He isn't even going to be bringing out the next book before the series finishes! Swine. Daenerys and Jon though? Totally saw that bit of incest goodness coming a miles off! haha

Yeah I'm good thanks. Yourself?
I am still here very occasionally!
Mate I can't believe you haven't finished it haha. might as well just start them all again now tbh... I keep thinking about it but they take so long to read I don't know if I can commit to that..

Hope you're keeping well!
I have no idea if you are still about around here, will see this or if you are even still alive but I logged back on just to tell you...

...I still haven't finished A Dance with Dragons.
Everything is quite different and I'm not sure who anybody is, which makes me feel like a mix between an elderly lady with dementia and someone who just woke up from e 10 year coma
Hey! How's life treating you all? I am liking what I've seen of the forums so far. Quite an upgrade from what it was during my active years. Take care.
Hey you! Been’s been years! Everything good here. I hope everything is going okay on your end. :) What have you been up to lately?

Yeah we had some recent changes, glad you’re able to drop by and say hello. :)
Likes: Laro
Wow, can't believe I've been part of this forum for almost 12 years... I do have some great memories from this place . I wonder how's the old FFF Members are doing.
Oh hey Martel! Been a while, huh? I'm kinda-sorta back now. Hope all is well with you. I, myself, have been through the ringer but such is life. Anywho, take care!
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