Your GFX: Then & Now


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May 17, 2019
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Pardonay the lame title of this thread. I've mentioned interest about making this thread but haven't until now because I'm lazy 💕

I came across some very old signatures I made back in-between 2005-2009 and cringed my little heart out. I know a common trend artists like to do is take their old art & redo it again in their current style and I thought that sounded kinda cool and wanted to do a few myself here in the future.

So here's the thread if anyone feels like participating. I'm not expecting it to get flooded with replies, especially not right away, but if you made something a while ago feel free to give it your go at recreating something you made and posting it down below. :)


Here's my recent attempt on how I would have made this signature differently today:

Then: 2005-2008~


Now: 2021

Zidane Tribal.png

This was a request from someone a long time ago (I don't even remember this person) that went by 'Thief Zidane', hence the animated text. I went ahead and just changed it to 'Zidane Tribal' since that part didn't matter anymore (despite Garnet being the more focal point lol.) I'm not sure what the exact specifications were, so I tried incorporating the same images I used & omitted the tacky animated font. I tried to retain some kind of unique transparency on the border but found the original very... >_< I'm not even sure the border design is original.

Anyway, took some time trying to get the overall background together as opposed to just slapping two images on a background that wasn't even my own and changing the blending mode. I'm not the best graphic designer obviously, but I feel a lot more confident knowing that I at least took time creating the background and blending things more than the top signature, because I'm pretty sure I just slapped Zidane & Garnet on a background someone else made & changed the blending mode and called it a day. The animated text was cool back in the day because I figured it out on my own without looking up help, but it's just not what I'd do now unless it was specifically asked of me.


Feel free to comment, but I hope some of you take time in the future to update your own Then & Now art, as I'm really interested in seeing how far some of you have come :flower:
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