Your Favourite Character And Why?


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Feb 22, 2010
Who is your most favourite character and why? My most favorite character would probably be Zidane and Vivi. It's quite hard to pick between the two. Zidane I have found is very refreshing from previous main characters that were quite serious and stern, he is very cheerful and when events tend to go wrong he still manages to hang on instead of expressing depressing thoughts of giving up.

I love how Vivi is quite shy and guilable, I think he is like a small child who is quite curious about the world around him and about himself. I love how the story goes in, he still manages to have the courage and he changes throughout the story, getting further brave. Plus I find he is adorable.
Freya with Vivi as a close second.

I call Freya the anti FF babe because while she is a tough chick... she is a rat. And no one (should) find her sexy. And I liked her story and how it did not completely have a happy ending.

Also, dragoons are awesome and I loved her attacks. Jump saved my party several times when she was able to dodge a super attack with it.

Vivi comes in second because he was probably the best developed character in the game. I loved his character growth through the game. His story was sad especially when you realize what happends in the end. And he had very nice attacks if you get all his black magic spells.
I'd say Garnet but only because my reasons are mainly superficial. As for character development and the like, I'd go for Eiko.

Though a bit of a snob, she was kind of mature for her age. I think she's one of the youngest FF characters ever, if not the youngest. Plus, she was adorable (to me anyway).

I guess second will be Freya. The sound effects from her Jump attack were quite refreshing after years of playing Nintendo games. :D
This is quite a simple question to answer for me.

My faves are Zidane & Vivi.

I grew the most attached to this two characters throughout the game and I found them to be the life of the game. I loved going through the game and reading through their dialogue. They were both great characters and I love them x]
He has such a cute personality IMO and he's just really lively and always positive. He's a great character and I enjoyed watching him develop as a character. Plus, i'm digging the tail ;) He was deff something new to the FF series and I really liked him.
He was sooo adorable to me! At the beginning of the game he just got caught up in the mess all for a play and throughout the game he really steps up and owns the plate. I mean, he's young and confused. All he wanted was to find out who he really was and what the world has to offer for him. I really adored that in him and his braveness. His Black Magic was quite useful in battle as well.

I don't know. I guess, overall, they're one of my favourite, if not my favourite, cast of FF characters because there isn't one I don't like. (In VII I really dislike Aeris and in VIII I don't like Quistis...)
I think my favourites would be Garnet and Vivi. Garnet because she's not the typical pathetic female, and I like that she can take care of herself - the way she was trying to escape at the beginning was nice. Her development is nice, too, the way she becomes much less naive as the game goes on, and I loved her ending.
Vivi because he's just so lovely - how anyone can dislike him is beyond me, really. I always had him in my party because his black magic was brilliant, and I liked his character development too, especially as he kept his head when he found out what would happen to him. The only thing I don't get is, how on earth did he have children? :mokken:
hmmm that one is a very hard one but im gonna have to say Vivi....from the beginning of the game he was the only character i would use. he is very cute strange creature...i like the whole fact when he backs up steiner with the magic blade thingy ( i forgot what the combo is called....havent played in like 5 years :(. i thought it was awesome when he got angry....on the airship
Vivi, he is my main man
I grew real attached to him, and still, I feel we have a lot of similarity
His black magic also got me though a lot of boss fights (when sterner wasnt around especially)
For me it has to be Zidane and Vivi.
Zidane is quite different from the past two main characters,optimistic,funny,flirty.He has his own charm and he's good-natured.Also his tale is adorable.
As for Vivi,I think he's the easiest to like,he's more quiet,has a very interesting story let alone that he's black mage.Something made him just so likeable and I don't know why.You instantly create a bond with this character,maybe cause despite being a black mage he has a human nature.
I'm assuming we can pick any character in the game?

I pick Kuja then.

The man is at once sympathetic and yet also monstrous. He didn't choose to be the way he was; he was created to be a weapon of murder. However he DID choose to use that purpose for his own ends and he took much delight in the suffering he caused.

His was a battle to prove his identity and justify his existence. He lost this battle in the end but that loss was his true victory in a sense. When he was moment's away from his own death he truly understood he had free will. He didn't have to kill for Garland's sake or for his own. He could save lives and he did this with his last bit of strength.

Kuja was the most complex Final Fantasy villain to date.
Steiner, because I believe people have a little bit of his attitude and ideas in them. Steiner believed that Queen Brahne did not have any evil intentions until he was able to see with his own eyes of her plans. He was able to accept facts and change accordingly to situation. More importantly, He was devoted/loyal to his ideas to the end even when everyone knew he was wrong, it may be stubbornness but I see it different. I believe everyone has a bit of devotion and loyalty inside with anything.
I liked all the main characters for various reasons, so this was a little difficult. I'll just give my top four and keep it short & sweet:

Even though he seems to be less popular than some of the other characters, I really genuinely liked him. I suppose it's partly because I can familiarize with his constant neurotic worrying :rolleyes:, but I also loved watching him reevaluate himself throughout the course of the story. The tag line in the start up screen says it all- "Having sworn fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?" I think it's a question that we all ask ourselves at one point or another, no matter our situation--whether it be about governments, parents, religions, or society in general.

I loved his innocence and his resolution. He started out knowing very little about the world, and was willing to accept even the darkest aspects of life with less hesitation than many adults. His age greatly betrayed his maturity.

She is one of the few heroines in FF whom I could classify as a perfect female character. She's classy, intelligent, independent, and anything but unnecessary eye candy. She has a strong sense of duty and honor, and she puts the fate of the world before her own personal desires, something which many people have trouble with both in games and in real life.

Despite his derisive, narcissistic attitude, he turned out to be very fragile emotionally, and I found myself able to empathize with him more so than any other villain in the series. When he finally realized the meaning of his existence, it was a very powerful moment, and he
accepted death very gracefully, rather than whining about it to the end.
I really would have liked to see the entire story told from his perspective, even though I loved IX the way it was as well.
My favorite character is Vivi. I really like how he changes throughout the story. I see him as a very strong character. Also, he's a black mage, and black mages are awesome!
(Spoilers possible in this post)

My fav main characters would be Zidane, Garnet and Steiner but i do like all the main characters in the game. I grew fond of Tantalus as well.

I like Zidane, Garnet and Steiner because of their chemistry and relationship to one another. Zidane and Garnet (later in the game) certainly fancy each other like mad or so i believe lol and i just loved how they were together throughout the game. Zidane and Steiner hating each other at the start of the game made things very interesting and i liked how the longer the game went on, the more they both got on well with each other kinda like how Cloud and Barrett didnt see eye to eye at the start of FFVII but did later on.

I remember when i first played FFIX and how exciting it was playing it and i grew very fond of Tantalus and Blank was a really cool character. I was gutted when he got petrified in the Evil Forest but was glad to see him come back later. Did anyone else like how in some Final Fantasy games, the minor characters join your party occasionally like Blank and Marcus in FFIX? That's one thing i really miss from these games.

Thanks for reading!
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I loved a lot of the characters. Like Zidane, Steiner, Amarant, ect. But my top favorite, and fave FF baddie of all is Kuja.

Kuja is my favorite because of how he grew, his character development, how he went from narcissistic and sadistic, to cowardly and afraid of his own mortality, to then accepting that he is mortal..and taking death well. Unlike other characters, who think they are invincible, and act sadistic the entire game, i always felt it do i say, predictable? I mean they either loose their mind someway, or have always been crazy and just took their action then, and then was a steady force throughout the game. They try to take you out through other means, like summons or an army of demons, and such. Then at the final battle they say they are the strongest, and challenge you, and when they are defeated, they whine about it, before they vanish.
It felt different with Kuja for me, i couldn't predict what he would do the first time i played. (though the farthest Ive gotten is the second disc, Ive read and looked up on the rest, since i couldn't finish.)

So yea, im a Kuja fanboy.:wacky:

What part in Disk 2 are you stuck on? Need any help? Is it a boss or just a part of the game?

Let's try and keep the thread on topic, please. If he needs any help with the game, I'm sure he'll post in the help booth or you can send him a PM if you'd like. :)
my fav characters would be Zidane & Vivi. Zidane because of his cheerful mood and always optimistic, when things seem to be at the darkest hour he's still there and cheers you up.

Vivi because he's a cool guy, he doesn't say much and he's shy but he has an awesome background story and it's a pretty sad story about him. when he founds out what will happen to him, that must shook him up. but he goes on because of his curosity and courage and that makes him the awesome guy and well black mages always rocks in party! :P
My favourite was Steiner. Although he was at first bit of a caricature, his character arc appealed to me more than the other characters', and I always admired how loyal and honourable he was. To me he shows that stubbornness is not necessarily an evil. It always made me very happy to see him finally accepting his circumstances, as well as the goodness in Zidane.

He was also a good party member to have, as the main character (who traditionally is the sword-fighter) played the more squirrelly role of the thief.. and I'm not fond of thieves. Steiner made up for this in my eyes.

Not to mention the fact that he scored the hottest babe in the game.
I'd have to say Vivi for me, because personally he is the one character that you get emotionally involved with, from the time he finds out he is a puppet of war to the time he accepts his inevitable death at the end of the game, for me at least, he really makes you feel as though we are all trying to prove the worth of our existence to our own standard and not to the ones of others, at least that's what i got from his character.