Would You Like A World of Final Fantasy Sequel?


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May 5, 2007
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I was just thinking on what a fun game this was despite being a spin-off game that that the FF series and mashes it up - Despite that even I felt it had enough grounding on it's own story to be dependant. I was curious to see if other players would be interested in a sequel? (I'll say now that I haven't played the Maxima content, but I did buy it on sale recently!)

The thing is, World of Final Fantasy was sort of a AA title - It was released on Vita too, which interestingly never saw the MAXIMA dlc upgrade! With the Vita gone it makes me wonder If they're pull up the big boy pants and focus on a main console entry, as I don't think I'd want something crossing over on console and mobile like FFXV's pocket Edition.

The ending leaves room for a sequel and I read online that the writer (Hiroki Chiba) has actually already written a sequel and just needs the go ahead from S-E! Wild Huh! I don't know how successful WoFF was but the ports being put onto Switch & Xbox is a very positive sign that S-E still value it as in IP.

I personally would love a continuation, as I found the game to be surprisingly bursting with charm! I think some of the mechanics need a bit of work - I found switching monsters during my playthrough to be off putting as whenever you captured a monster, it would start at level 1. Also, I found that the difficulty was a bit off balance with A LOT of grinding required for the later game events but had so much fun with the game overall.

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Jun 26, 2008
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I had so much fun playing this game!

I found the way that they mixed the various Final Fantasy elements to be very clever. FFIV's Mist was merged with FFVII's Nibelheim, FFVI's Figaro Castle was merged with FFVIII's Desert Prison and FFVII's Mako Reactor, and so on. It worked very well. The characters were well utilised and the script was genuinely hilarious. It was a refreshing nostalgia trip.

I have to admit that I haven't completed the game fully yet as I got a bit lost with what I had to do towards the end to get the full, final ending. I've completed the main chunk of the game though and I do intend to complete it once I can figure out what to do with my mirages. The lack of multiple save slots makes me nervous about doing the wrong thing and ruining my game. That's another story.

I would absolutely LOVE a sequel. More than any other Final Fantasy project, I think. I don't have the Maxima upgrade so I don't really know what they added to that, but a new full game would be fantastic. I hope Square Enix give it the green light.