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Mar 28, 2007
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So you stuck looking for a certain murkrift, maybe having a hard time looking for a specific mirage, looking for that right spell or map ability then look no further. I have beaten the core of the game and got into the EX dungeons now myself and found a great deal of the content, missing only a little of the chests for some key items and mirages.

So let's go with the mirage abilities first, a core one you will want is the flight which can be found on your eyeball monsters so wen you come across one you will want to keep it in your party for the bulk of the game. Another ability found at various points is the sizzle ability a fire mirage will have this, now your earliest chance at this will be choosing one of the three mini mirages based on Ifrit, Shiva, or Ramuh. Don't need to worry about picking him then you can pick one of the other two since you can grab one on the next dungeon upcoming. Also if you capture one of the gnome/golem enemies in the dungeon and also have a flight one you can get to the secret area and grab the other two mirages you didn't pick as long as you have the proper elemental spell to use on them. Building on that the Smash ability from the earth type mirages will also be a good one to keep around, the zap and freeze abilities are not used much so you can recycle them as you see fit.

Also always try to capture as many mirages as you can from the new areas as you come across them, while some of your older mirages don't really become obsolete when you want to build up some for either abilities or your mirajewel collection more so on the latter try to get as much as you can. Almost every mirage gives you a mirajewel which will help round out the spells Reynn and Lahn can use when equipped with them.

This is all I could think of putting into this opening right now without deviling into spoilers or without a direct question.
Gravity will help anyone out immensely, it works on everything. Learn it from Nightmare (from a murkrift) or a Death Searcher (just a random mob) I found the death spell to be quite handy when i was maxing out my mirage boards as well.

Also, something I noticed as well, with the mirage manual, the monsters you catch/transfig will stay ''greyed'' out unless you actually include them in your team of 10, once you have done that, you can throw them in the mirage suitcase thing.

Don'[t try to beat the game unless you have done ALL the intervention quests available.

As for catching the mirages, you don't really need to hardcore go for them all, as long as you have enough for the trophy - if you are arsed about trophies, that is, then you can just transfig most of the rest. Tbh, I caught pretty much everything then wondered why I was driving my self insane right near the end of the game lol. I realised I was sticking to the same kind of stacks, so everythng else beyond the trophy I could have just saved my self the bother. Some were so annoying to catch, a stupid flan in particular.

Also, there are some you HAVE to catch, namely from the coliseum. Bahamut will be your friend there. you will know what I mean when you come to unlock them, so as sooon as you have him, make sure he is levelled up and you learn him LAST STAND as his master ability. It will save you a headache