White Shoopuf Sign-Ups [CLOSED]


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May 17, 2019
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Chrishmash already? Imposhibbibles!

Christmas season is finally here and presents are finally coming in from across the Moonflow!
If you are familiar with our Hypello,
Othello, then you know that December is prime Shoopuf hatching time!
The babies are having troubles crossing the waters fast enough for our Christmas haste
So while we wait, let's take this time to sign up for this year's Christmas White Shoopuf event!

Please note that some of Santa's magic is still sprinkled in amongst the gifts
And - that's right - you can still get mounds of
COAL for Christmas this year if you've been naughty!
Or special gifts galore if you've been nice!

Participants take turns either picking a new present or stealing another person’s.
A present may only be stolen two times.
All items will be distributed after White Shoopuf has ended.
Your turn is subject to skipping if we’re waiting longer than 24 hours on you.
If there are forced username changes they will be reverted back at the end of the Christmas event.
(Unless of course you've been very naughty...)

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Shine Upsh:

1. Shoulcorruptorh

2. shivash
3. Linnaete
4. Shly
5. Paddy McGee
6. Dionyshush
7. Shix

Comment below or send me a PM before the end of Friday the 9th if you wish to get presents this year!
See you then!


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Sign me up for the coal, I need something to keep me warm soon.
sign me up please, let's see if my luck is better this year... :wacky:

what's the worst that can happen?
Love ze wind-up Shoopuf.

I'll sign up.

Then I'll feed the wind-up Shoopuf FFF's shoopuf made from brie which is also part-Loporrit. :shooingway:
It's almost impossibibbles for me to sign up, but let's give it a goesh.

Ride Zey Shoopuf.png

The baby pufs have arrived and are unloading their gifts as we speak!

That means sign-ups are now closed for this event & will begin on or before Monday, December 12th. This gives myself and Othello plenty of time to finish unloading and preparing until we officially begin! If you missed the signups too bad expect your gift in the mail in approx 1-260 business days.

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