What did you like or dislike about FF5


Playing through the Final Fantasy Series
Aug 31, 2018
Las Vegas,NV
I am just about to start this game as my progression in this series continues.

What did you like or dislike about this game? What advice would you give someone playing for the first time?
What I liked:
  • The gameplay, and more accurately: THE JOB SYSTEM. It's the bread and butter of this game and works extremely well.
  • The dialogue. People always like to bash on FFV's story, but I think it's fine and the humorous dialogue makes up for it.
  • I would say it's the best FF game to play 'on the side' without having to pay much attention to it, while you're watching a movie or whatever.
What I disliked:
  • You start out with the most boring or generic jobs in the game, and it takes some time until you get the interesting ones.
  • The fairly uninteresting villain of the game.
What advice I would give:
  • Branch out and use a lot of different jobs to try them out, and don't just use the best or most powerful abilities the game offers. Overpowering the enemies is boring.
  • Also, if you've played the game already, you could try out a Four Job Fiesta challenge. In short, this is a playthrough in which you are randomly allocated four jobs which you have to use for the entire game.
Stealing Pat Frost's format here....

What I liked:
  • Pirates! While piracy is not a consistent presence throughout the entire game, the fact that a pirate is in your party and that they occasionally delve into the relevant themes surrounding piracy means that they deserve some credit.
  • The English translation is hilarious and contains some of the funniest lines in the entire Final Fantasy franchise.
  • The music. FFV contains some of the best, upbeat music in the franchise.
  • Job system. While not perfect, it was certainly an advanced job system for the time and allowed a degree of customisation.
  • The characters. FFV contains some side characters which are really quite unusual, and for some reason many people overlook them when they talk about the franchise as a whole. There's a friendly sea monster, werewolves, a talking turtle who is a Yoda-like sage, etc....
What I disliked:
  • I wouldn't say that I disliked the villain ExDeath, but I felt like he could have been developed more. I quite liked his style and he has a dark sense of humour, but it is understated and rarely explored by fans in any depth.

And I can't think of many other dislikes... It has been a while since I played the game, so the gameplay aspects are no longer fresh with me.

What advice I would give:
  • Many people call this game a step back in terms of complexity and story. My advice would be not to let this put you off. It is simply a different type of story. The story still gets deep in its exploration of particular themes, and there are dark moments, sad moments and uplifting moments as in all of the best FF games. The party is small compared to most parties in the FF franchise, but they do tell a good story with them. They also focus a lot on their relationships with animals in their world, and in that this game is quite unique.