SPOILERS Were you able to save Cid?

Did you save Cid?

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Sep 26, 2016
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I think this game came out long enough to not include a spoiler alert on this post. Also you can actually save this character so its more a spoiler about a choice rather than the absolute fate of the character.

So did you try and save Cid? Did you fail miserably? Did you let him die in order to advance the story faster? Or did you reboot the game over and over again to make sure you saved this character?

I for one actually tried really hard to save him and he passed away. I was then too lazy to reload my save and try again so I continued on with the story. There are moments like this sometimes though where I have to retry multiple times in order to have the final outcome that I want which I think is really cool to have those options in any game.
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He died for me.

I may even have looked up a walk-through as I was playing the game but I remember his death and feeling sad.

I think it is better that he dies, as cruel as that might sound. Only narratively speaking, of course. I think it makes Celes desperation more prominent. The world has seemingly ended. Nobody is about. The person who nursed you back to health and the only other person known by you to have survived the apocalypse has died and you fed him poisoned fish because the sea is polluted. Extinction Rebellion were too late on this planet.

That’s dark and powerful stuff and I love it. Celes was an extraordinary character and a suicide survivor who was able to overcome all of that and fight to save the world. That takes serious strength.
I failed too :(

But I fully agree with Dionysos in how from a narrative perspective it really enhances the following moment with Celes - Which I still argue to be one of the most harrowing moments from the entire series - I've never wept over a 16-Bit game but that moment sure got the better of me!
I played through this for the first time recently and the first part of this segment was really cringy to me. Mostly because I couldn't get over the fact that Celes got out of bed literally right after waking up after a year of being bed-bound. THEN WENT FISHING. Cid probably worked himself to death taking care of her making sure she didn't get bed sores and stuff :mokken: And then the entire 'Granddad' thing seemed a really forced.

Anyway, my sarcastic jabs aside, I didn't save him either. I didn't realize saving him was even an option until later and that it was just part of the game that he died. I agree with the posts above though, it really made the last half of this scene much more impactful. I'm not sure I would save him next time either, to be honest.
I’ve never been able to say him, but have to join in agreement with the others that his death feeds the story so much more. There’s a constant malaise in the World of Ruin, that’s its eerily endearing aspect. Everything is ruined, so life surviving almost doesn’t make sense there. Not often you can say a character’s death is actually good for the story, but...