We need to end the suffering of the masses!


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The Liberal

Aug 19, 2012
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I am going to be voting for Barack Obama in this election, he really has this country on the right track! Unlike far-right neo-fascist Nazis like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson who want nothing more than to subjugate the working class, Barack and his loyal socialist supporters, like myself, will fight to end suffering and inequality! Conservatives want nothing more than to endanger the people. They hide behind ideas like "freedom" and "choice," but those don't exist, in reality we are all nothing but slaves to the rich and to our own impulses.

Conservatives think that freedom is more important than safety, but what good is freedom if you're dead? Freedom is just a made-up word that conservatives use to justify the dangerous world they live in. There is no logic behind freedom, all freedom does is increase the chance that someone could be hurt. The world is a dangerous place, and it's our job to band together and make it safe!

For example, conservatives think people should drives cars! That's disgusting, cars are dangerous, we should get rid of cars cars and force the masses to use mass transit, which is far safer. Additionally, cars pollute the atmosphere and causes the planet to suffer, which in turn causes the masses to suffer. An added bonus to forcing the masses to use mass transit is that we can control where they go, this will prevent people from going to dangerous places that could result in them suffering. Is it not logical that we stop people from going to dangerous places?

Conservatives want the masses to own guns! Guns are even more dangerous than cars, there is no reason for anyone to ever own a gun. All a gun does is make it easier for people to stop our great progressive movement and to cause suffering to others. Gun ownership self-defense will no longer be needed, since no human being will never cause any harm to another human being, we shall instill this idea into our children, make them think that guns are evil and that there is never going to be a need for self-defense. Is it not logical that we should eliminate an item from society that has the potential to cause harm?

Conservatives hide behind their sports and their athletics, which are dangerous! Look at how many people are injured all of the time in their barbaric football and rugby? All sports are inherently dangerous, as they can result in suffering through accidents. The only good thing about sports is that it keeps the masses content and distracts their focus from our real agenda. As our great leader, Karl Marx, would have said: "sports are the opium of the masses." Is it not logical that we should get rid of these barbaric activities that only result in human suffering?

However, banning dangerous activities isn't enough, we need to actively safe-proof the world around us. There are so many dangers even in one's home. Even a chair could be dangerous, if someone falls on it and hits their neck at a certain angle, it could cause a great deal of suffering, or even death (which in turn causes even more suffering). Everything needs to be safe-proofed, to ensure that no one could ever have an accident. In fact, would it not be logical to simply suspend everyone in a type of stasis chamber, where they will be unconsciously living out their fantasies in their minds, without harming people?

The masses are such illogical creatures, they need someone like great leader Obama to tell us how to live our lives, he is America's only hope. If you believe as I believe, if you feel as I feel, then please, re-elect our great leader Obama in the coming months. Together, we can bring about a world free of pain, free of suffering, and free of immoral activities.