This game is amazing

Nov 16, 2017
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Its the hardest Final Fantasy game i have played yet. I had to replay it twice because i missed bestiary (which is easy to do) because you can never return. I wanted it all in one save file, this i realized once i got all the jobs at level 99 in the game. So i retried it and i got to job level 99 again but this time i atleast remembered to keep an eye on not missing monsters in bestiary, the 100% treasure chest thingy was not that hard since its easy to spot.

But overall what makes this good is it requires patience and brainpower to beat it. Sure nothing really baffling happens. But its also pretty decent for the type of people who wanna train their patience. So for that i think this game is pretty amazing!.

I am currently on level 69. After i have beaten Iron Giant then its 100% completed on Steam. It takes like 1 month to job level up everything and about a week to level up normally to 99.

What is your experience with this game?
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