Original The Towers:Blood anr Rain


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Aug 18, 2017
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Crimson. Grey. Droplets fell from both the sky and her wound. Pain, throbbing through her body and mind. Confrontation did not agree with her but she had been needed. She couldn't let the humans bring another endangered creature to extinction. Perhaps, though, the panther could have been more grateful to be released from that trap. The world went in and out of focus as she struggled to maintain consciousness.

Fifty, maybe sixty feet up to where she had been only moments ago... That would explain the concussion, and the likely broken rib she could feel under her hand. The gash on her leg was to blame for her fall... well Panthers were pretty aggressive this time of year after all. Looking around she wondered if she would be able to make it back to the village before nightfall. She didn't mind sleeping out in the forest but Elisandra would be worried.

"Damn it Veran" she growled to herself as she forced her way up to her feet "Just get home, these wounds are nothing" She commanded her body to move, one step ahead of the other as she moved through the underbrush and searched for a hunters path back to the village. It was around here somewhere, she knew that much, she had been following it back from the hunting grounds until she heard the call of the panther, and it was coming around the mountain in this direction

Consciousness faded as she clutched to the side of a tree panting for air, perhaps the broken rib was a little more dangerous than she had thought? She needed the healers, and soon. Four more steps and she finally found the trail. Swaying back and forth as she forced her way closer to home, Soon the sentries would be able to see her, she just had to get back onto the patrol area and someone would be able to find her in no time, she knew that.

Ten more metres, the markings on the trees here were fresh so the patrol would be coming back soon enough. She was glad. Falling to her knees she struggled to breath in and out, maybe a punctured lung? she wasnt a healer so she had no idea the true extent of the damage. As a warrior she was meant to get hurt and not ask questions, but ever since her sister had returned from the mage towers she had been stuck asking more and more questions