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Aug 25, 2008
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Yep, apparently The Last of us 2 is actually a thing in development. There has been lots of speculation about the sequel, but today, Nathan Drake’s voice actor, Nolan North at Metrocon 2015, has confirmed it. Although nothing has been announced just yet, it is possible that the game will have an appearance next year. Nolan North also confirmed that due to his character David's
death in the first game
he would no longer be playing that character.

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However, this still brings various questions about the sequel. *SPOILERS* below

If you haven't finished the first game, by all means, stop reading now.

Ages ago, Naughty Dog posted a "fanart" of Ellie as an adult

Even though this image is indeed fanart by the official artist, it depicts the true ending of The Last of Us that was only shown to several people. In it, Joel and Ellie are living with Tommy while Joel teaches Ellie how to play guitar. This Adult Ellie fanart might truly be the key to the sequel. It is all speculation, but many fans believe TLOU 2 will star Ellie as an adult.

Source: vg247

The game was never truly a secret to anyone. It is good to have confirmation by Nolan North that a sequel is actually happening.

Alternate TLOU ending scene explanation: The performers, Troy Baker as Joel and Ashley Johnson as Ellie, acted out the epilogue on stage. According to the attendees' reports, the scene finds Joel and Ellie, the two protagonists of The Last of Us, living at the dam where Tommy, Joel's brother, was holed up. Joel mentions to Ellie that Tommy is trying to get him to tie the knot with a woman at the camp named Esther. But Ellie seems distant — perhaps because of her suspicions that Joel was lying to her about what happened in Salt Lake City.

Joel brings out his guitar and plays a song for Ellie about their journey together, and he is "clearly communicating how important she is to him," according to one report. Ellie warms to Joel, and he tells her a cringe-worthy pun that could've come from one of her joke books: "What's the downside of eating a clock? It's time-consuming." They laugh, and then Joel hands her his guitar and promises to teach her how to play, before leaving the room. Ellie strums one note on the guitar as the scene ends.

What would you like to see in the sequel?

Do you really think Joel will be a minor character in two, with Ellie as the major?

Will it be something completely different?

Let the speculation commence.


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Feb 19, 2009
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I'd rather a sequel just focus on a very different set of characters facing their own ordeals and story, independent from that of Joel and Ellie, while also part of the same hellish setting.

I know in an age of ubiquitous sequels, prequels and reboots, we're rarely going to see genuine self-contained stories anymore, but the way TLOU ended was PERFECT in my opinion. It dispenses with cliches, is a satisfactory conclusion and leaves enough open-ended questions (usually moral ones) for the player to think about on their own. It's a story that does not need a direct sequel and while I have faith that they can deliver something just as solid and well constructed for a follow-up, I would much rather they leave Joel and Ellie alone.


Jun 21, 2015
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I actually like .Fleur's idea about the sequel focusing on two completely different characters. I know that's unlikely considering the ending of the first game. After pulling the players in and making them fall in love with Joel and Ellie and the dynamic of their relationship, I couldn't see Naughty Dog being like, "Have two newbies!" But it would be fun to explore either way.

I'm all for Ellie as an adult. I just hope they find a plot line to keep it refreshing. After a few of the Uncharted games, I kind of felt like the plot was starting to go 'blah'. Loved TLoU though. So much. I'm excited this has been confirmed.
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