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Jun 6, 2006
First of all, thank you for choosing my club and I hope you have a pleasant time in The Chaotic Cerberus and at Final Fantasy Forums.

About The Chaotic Cerberus

The Chaotic Cerberus has been founded in the early of 2006 and is the very first Vincent Valentine fanclub to be on Final Fantasy Forums. Many clubs seem to have come and gone, but the original still remains.

About Vincent Valentine

Vincent appears as a tall, brooding man with long, unkempt black hair wearing a ragged red cloak over black clothes. His left arm below the elbow is covered by a metal gauntlet terminating in formidable claws. His cloak covers the lower half of his face and is held closed by a series of buckles. His eyes are distinctly colored red. As of Advent Children, his weapon of choice changed to a triple-barrel revolver named "Cerberus", reflected in the silver charm that hangs from the hilt of the gun as well as the gun's three barrels.

Vincent is the son of Grimoire Valentine, a Shin-Ra scientist. As an adult, Vincent became a member of the Shin-Ra Company's Turks, a group of highly skilled operatives who specialized in various activities such as espionage, kidnapping, assassination and serving as bodyguards. When he was assigned to supervise the Jenova Project in Nibelheim, he fell in love with a scientist named Lucrecia Crescent, who was serving as an assistant to Professor Gast. But unbeknownst to Vincent, Lucrecia was also the lab assistant of Vincent's father, Grimoire Valentine, who died while saving Lucrecia's life. Vincent tried expressing his feelings to her but she rejected him out of guilt over Grimoire's death, ultimately entering a relationship with her associate Hojo instead. Lucrecia became pregnant afterwards, supplying a test subject for the Jenova Project's intentions to investigate the effect of Jenova cells on an unborn child.

Vincent objected to the use of humans - especially Lucrecia and her unborn child, as live test subjects. Even so, in the interest of science, Lucrecia proceeded with the treatment and suffered various ill effects as a result. Outraged, Vincent confronted Hojo in the Shinra Mansion's underground laboratory and a heated argument ensued. Hojo ended this confrontation by pulling a gun from his lab coat and shot Vincent down in cold blood. Vincent's near-death body was placed in a large experimental capsule for use in Hojo's experiments based on Grimoire's research of the Lifestream. This resulted in Vincent's anatomy being altered to where he could temporarily change his physical form into monstrous entities when enraged (Galian Beast, Hellmasker, Death Gigas, a red form evocative of his cloak, and possibly others as well). Lucrecia, wanting to revive Vincent, exposed him to the G Substance, a contaminated form of mako - the result being Vincent becoming the host for Chaos, an entity intended to pave the way for Omega WEAPON by killing all living things. But Hojo counted on Lucrecia doing that as the main reason he conducted those experiments on Vincent was because a normal human body was incapable of housing Chaos.

Under the influence of Chaos, Vincent became consumed in feral rage and broke out of his confinement. Lucrecia then used the Protomateria (a special form of mako created by the planet in order to control Chaos) to calm Vincent and place him in a deep slumber. By the time Vincent reawakened on the operating table - with Hojo and Lucrecia nowhere in sight - he responded to his modified body with both anguish and rage. From there, he entered inside a coffin for approximately 30 years as a self-inflicted punishment for his inability to save Lucrecia, which Vincent referred to as his "sin". Of course there is no information of what happened to Vincent during the time after he awoke from the experiment and when he had put himself to sleep; which of course would explain how he got his attire and how long exactly he had been in the Shin-Ra Mansion asleep.

Years later, during the time frame of the game, Cloud's party discovered the chamber in the basement of the ShinRa Manor where Vincent was. After learning of Sephiroth, Vincent joins AVALANCHE in their quest to stop Sephiroth only because of the possibility of an encounter with Hojo.

Members List

We now have one. If you wish to be a full member, please try to be active in this club and if you can promote us in your signature.

To be accepted into The Chaotic Cerberus, you need to fulfill one of the following requirements a) Post regularly in the club; or b) Display The Chaotic Cerberus' banner and/or button in your signature. However, you may still post if you are not accepted as a full member.

  • Big Boss - Founder & Owner
  • Sakura - Co-owner
  • Tidus Blade - Death Gigas
  • CrimsonEyes1984 - Cerberus
  • Sephire - Chaos
  • planzer - Peacemaker
  • Lady Aerith - Hellmasker
  • Garnet - Quicksilver
  • Hydracula - No Title
  • Chaos' Master - Chaos
  • Sephiroth's Brother - Sniper CR
  • Lorrnae - No Title
  • ChaosVincent45 - Chaos
  • Strife - Galian Beast
  • wolfman_120 - Death Penalty
  • Angel Valentine - Chaos
  • Madison Strife - Quicksilver
  • Lady Marina - Peacemaker
  • Omnislasher483 - Outsider
  • Fantasy_Addict - No Title
  • Silariaz - Silver Rifle
  • Lady Marina - Peacemaker
  • Gabranth - Chaos
  • Jenova - No Title
  • FFGuy - Shell of Chaos
  • Sephirothalpha - Hojo Hunter
  • Starflare Valentine - No Title
  • Ultima36 - No Title



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  • You must be on the forum for at least a week.
  • You must have 10 posts or more.
  • You must follow the forum rules & guidelines.
  • Some exceptions can be made.

If you do not meet the requirements above, you will be put on probation for a short while.


Total Usertitles: 20
Probation Members: 0
Total Members: 28
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OOOH! Vincent is my favourite Character!
I really love his hair and cape, thats why he's my haloween costume!
Muahaha, my #1 FF guy! I'm definitely in. He has a tragic past and he's just so beautiful...and that hair o_o Why can't my hair be that pretty? >.>
Your a girl and he's a boy......... ummm sorry if this offends u

TB, don't be rude! That's my best friend there. She was just playing around. Vincent has gorgeous hair and I know a lot of girls who would die to have hair like that ;) It has nothing to do with the fact that he's a guy and she's a girl.
TB, don't be rude! That's my best friend there. She was just playing around. Vincent has gorgeous hair and I know a lot of girls who would die to have hair like that ;) It has nothing to do with the fact that he's a guy and she's a girl.
Sorry crimson eyes, well Vincent's hair is long so i dont see why a girl cant have it like him
Okay, Tidus, you are now the Death Gigas of The Chaotic Cerberus.

By the way Sins, do you really need to chose that title seeing you as the co-owner of the club already? I don't know but I think that would mean nothing.
Hehe in fact it does. :P

Also Sins, I think we should make a couple of graphics for our club, don't you think?
yeah,i was thinking about this too but i can't cause don't have Photoshop.
we should ask by a member to do this work.
welcome Vincento too.
another member here,you can also choose the usertitle you like.

yo Darkblade add Vincento in the member list of the club.
Sure thing! I'll add you to the members list but please choose your title before joining as I've stated already!
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