[TGS'09]Sony unveils 250Gb Final Fantasy XIII bundle!

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Dec 30, 2007

The 250GB PS3 is real! Sony is taking advantage of its exclusivity of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan by introducing a new bundle. For 41600 yen, Japanese gamers will get a special limited edition system with Lightning (the main character, not the weather condition) printed on the body. It'll be available for purchase on 12/17 (so importers, get ready!).



First the Advent Children PS3 now this! :gasp:

Where does it end! :gonk:

If I were to choose from the AC PS3 or this I think I'd still get the AC one. It looks better in black in my honest opinion.

But this one does look lovely too. =(

Why must they tempt me like this!
Oh wow so :awesome: but its not stopping me from getting the Xbox 360 version xD. But this is a work of art and if this ps3 does come her ill maybe sell mine for this one. Not entirely sure though! Also why pink? :gasp:
I know right? Most gameplayers are guys and I don't think they'd want a pink chick on their console. It'd look to girly looking. :gasp:

I mean...I know Steve would throw something over it to hide it when we had company in case they thought it was his. XD
Meh, I wouldn't mind it being pink if I had it, it's the only colour that would realistically work with that design. Blue could possibly work but it would end up tacky >.>
It's nice, but I'd much prefer the black one ;)
I wonder if they'll do a one for Versus as well, that's the only reason I may get a ps3.
I know right? Most gameplayers are guys and I don't think they'd want a pink chick on their console. It'd look to girly looking.

Actually hun, you'd be surprised at how many gamers are girls. I think it's pretty much equal tbh in this day and age. I agree with Ryan though. Pink really does seem to be the only color that would work well. I think blue would be a bit tacky as well and also, pink just works with Lightning. I mean look at her hair color and her clothing as well. It just fits IMO. Nice looking PS3, though I won't be going out of my way to get it. :P I'll just get a regular one come tax time at the beginning of next year. :D
Here are more scans and information about the 250GB Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Slim. I found this on the Unofficial Final Fantasy Site.

TGS has a bunch of Final Fantasy XIII stuff on display, including the all-new Final Fantasy XIII "Lightning Edition" white and pink PS3 Slim.

Everyone's seen that already thanks to the promotional photos - but next to it in its TGS display is a Final Fantasy XIII box with what could be the box art.

It's different to usual Final Fantasy boxes in Japan, abandoning the simplistic logo on a white background instead going for Lightning riding Odin's horse.



From uffsite.net
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This already out did the FFVII:ACC PS3 in my opinion, but I'm not uber thrilled over it. It doesn't look bad, but I wanted a black PS3, not a white one that can get dirty so easily :mark:
If I didn't already have a PS3... I would want this in my life. It's so pretty! Usually I hate pink consoles (the pink DS doesn't look all that good to me), but because of the design - a little bit of pink on white - I think it works.
in my opinion they shouldve done another one with snow kind of lik a female or male bundle
OMG it looks so freakin cool, I am going to have to agree with you Ryan and say that I wouldn't even care that it has pink on it. It looks very good that way and I dont think any other color would look good on it. *Hopes they bring it over to the US(And the UK for my UK friends ;) )
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