• General Rules for Roleplaying:
    1. God-Moderating, also known as God-Moderating, or God-Modding is the term used when the RPer controls a non-NPC character that is not considered to be under their control, or assuming the reactions and/or suggesting the thoughts of an opposing non-NPC character, whether or not said character has responded to your input. God-Modding is frowned upon by the RPer community. Remember, your character interacts with other characters, but you can only control the characters you make. The rules for NPCs however may be dictated depending on the RP, whether the RP Master wishes to control the NPCs himself/herself or allows others to do so as well.

    2. Power-Playing, also known as Meta-playing, God Mode or God-Moding, is the term used for creating characters that are excessively powerful or has skills and/or abilities that would somehow give a character an unfair advantage. Examples include an inhuman tolerance to pain, invulnerability to physical and/or magical attack, and abilities that somehow strengthen the character when severely injured. Remember, this is not Dragon Ball Z, so try to be realistic in what you think your character can do.

    4. Plagiarism: Write your own work, with your own words. While we do not criticize for characters or quotes inspired by other works, originality is key.

    5. Post Length: Post Length is generally dependent on the RP Master in question, but for the most part. Try to post at least 4-5 sentences per IC entry. One Line entries shows that you did not put any effort into your entry, and is largely frowned upon by the RP Community.

    7. Character Approvals: The RP Leader has the final say on whether or not your bio is approved. If you wish to talk to the RP Leader who did not approve your bio, or have any questions, you may do so either on the thread where you created the character or via PM.


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Feb 7, 2009
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:seph:Name -Tenchi-Sama

Race -Angel

Gender -Female

Appearance -Tall. Golden skin. Solid white eyes. Wings (14' span). Long, curly, golden hair. Skinny, but STRONG! Refined X4! Drop dead gorgeous!

Attire -White Robe with gold stitching.

Personality -What do you expect, she's an angel?

Equipment - The Amulet of Light. Endows extra Manna store, enhances Light Magick.

Weaponry (optional) Hikari(Broadsword endowed with enough heat to cauterize wounds)

Armour (optional)None.

Fighting Style - Refined calculated style. Sword movements are round, pugalist fighting straight. Never unnecessary moves.

Abilities -Hand to hand combat, Swordsmanship, Horsemanship.

Magick -Light magick. Can shoot feathers from her wings(10 manna). Explosions of light(50 manna).Light nuke(150 manna).

History -From heaven, she was banished after falling in love with a demon. Ever since, she has fought whoever stood in her path to honoring her father.
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