Succession of Witches vs. Jazz, Polka etc.


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Sep 3, 2019
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Featuring Final Fantasy VIII, jazz & polka etc.

Greetings fellow game music lovers,

now that christmas season has passed let’s get right back to the Final Fantasy series. Today’s song comes from Final Fantasy 8 (1999) in the form of the theme of the sorceress Edea with the appropriate title „Succession of Witches“, more specifically the beginning of it:

We start with a song by a japanese artist - Yosui Inoue (井上陽水) and his song 娘がねじれる時 from 1982 which has the following sequence:

Then we have the song „That’s All“ by legendary jazz pianist Nat King Cole from 1953 which has a recurring sample that can be heard most clearly in the solo:

Next we have an excerpt from the Polka „Nadelstiche“ by Carl Michael Ziehrer from 1886 which repeatedly includes this sequence:

Maybe there is a relation to the marching genre?

From a pure curvature standpoint, a section from Johann Sebastian Bachs St. Matthew Passion might also be a match (Listen for the chorus that sings „Sind Blitze…“ ) but tone and timing are too different so this is only listed here for the sake of completeness:

Wednesday more Mario!

Phil out.
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