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Dec 14, 2006
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Hey everyone, We have some exciting announcements!

We have promoted Kira @Six to Admin Support (aka Ultros Admin according to Dan), a special kind of usergroup—or is it? Through Kira's hard work and dedication to the site for many years now, she has effectively demonstrated her potential to grow and do more for this community. She has played a key role to some behind-the-scenes work and decisions, and she will continue to work with the administrators and the rest of the staff to help ensure that we all keep the community in our best interest. She has done an outstanding job with her duties, going above and beyond of what's expected, and we appreciate all the help and insight that she provides for us.

As Admin Support, Kira will have access to the ACP and can perform or fiddle around with the settings required to break the site. Let’s hope she doesn’t actually break the site! Seriously though, I'm sure she'll do a great job... and the site will be fine!

Another recognition goes to @Galadín, who has been promoted to Global Moderator. Gal has also been a major pillar for the site and staff, greatly contributing in areas outside of her section, helping out with site events, leading the FC with a few of us, etc. She has been entrusted the entire forums, so this increased in responsibility is a huge undertaking. We promise to take care of her and give her breaks every now and then! We appreciate her flexibility and insight, especially when it comes to tough decisions around here. I know she'll do an amazing job and will do her best to help take care of the forums.

Congrats, you two! Thank you again for all the efforts and support!

Now I can finally take my long vacation really soon here!
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