Speculative fiction in the vein of Final Fantasy/Jrpg?


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Jul 30, 2014
Tripolis, Poland
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I may be a noob in the matter, but are there any fantasy/sci-fi authors writing novels similar, as far as the overall atmosphere is concerned, to the Final Fantasy series? There are plenty European and American fantasy writers but it seems to me none of them, even being a high fantasy author, writes things that would bear resemblance to this peculiar and remarkable groove of FF. So have you guys ever read something like that? Maybe there are some Japanese writers inspired by JRPG in general? There's plenty of anime, but I mean books.

Doesn't it seem weird that in spite of huge popularity of Final Fantasy franchise and astounding variety of game-related gadgets - stickers, coffee mugs, necklaces, penboxes and what not - and profuse fan-fiction and fan-art, none as of yet made attempt at writing a book in the vein of Final Fantasy or Jrpg in general?

Anglo-Saxons and Europeans tend to produce very down-to-earth fiction, be it mainstream or speculative. I'm looking for certain Jrpg ambience, serenity, but in the form of a novel. There's plenty of fantasy/sci-fi novels that were written on the basis of a RPG session. Why not JRPG?