Sleepwalkers Beware!


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May 17, 2019
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Just curious, how many of you are (or maybe were!) sleep walkers? Maybe you're even a sleep talker or a sleep stalker :eek:

But seriously, curious if any of you have or had any issues with sleep walking, talking or anything else abnormal with your sleeping habits! Lately my son has been exhibiting signs of sleepwalking that is kinda prevalent on my side of the family, and it's caused us a bit of stress but also a bit of laughs! Any funny stories to tell?

For myself, I'm definitely not as bad as I used to be. I did a tiny bit of sleep walking in my early childhood & quite a bit of sleep talking in my early 20's (ffs I feel so old just typing that out) - There's a bit of a running joke in my family that 'I need the trees' because one time I came out from my bedroom insisting that I just, well, 'need the trees!' :wacky: I've definitely woken up in different spots before (like falling asleep on the bed & then waking up on the couch or floor) and I've apparently held very confusing conversations with my husband from time to time before he insists I just go back to bed.

Also, while maybe not quite the same thing, I've had moments where I see things while my mind is still asleep - this is usually described as sleep paralysis but I've never 'felt' like I was stuck or paralyzed. I only have this during high-stress moments in my life and usually I only see threads, but I've also been known to see bugs (sometimes one, a small clump or an absurd amount) and I've seen a 'person' and a 'dragon' on separate single occasions.

Truthfully my sleep-antics aren't nearly as colorful as my poor brother's who had to have a sleep study done in the past. I'm not sure they ever found anything but our biological father definitely had some much worse sleep issues that left him stranded outside hotels or down the road in his car once :blink:

So anyway, yeah! Any interesting stories or suspected sleep issues for any of you lot? Would love to hear it!