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Jun 12, 2006


Staff Member: Lord Golbez
AKA/Real Name: Saqib
Position: Site Owner
Location: New Jersey
Joined Site: 2007
Joined Staff: 2007
Staff History: LG purchased the site from LeeD back in 2007 and has only had to wag his finger every so slightly when the situation has called for it. Thankfully for him (and the rest of us), that has happened less and less often as the years have gone by.

Bio: LG grew up in New Jersey, attended Rutgers, is currently self-employed and works in SEO/internet marketing. He still remembers learning about the original Final Fantasy in Nintendo Power before the game came out and used to have a cool poster from the mag with the four light warriors.

Interests/Hobbies: Movies, music, normal stuff pretty much.

Fun Facts: LG remembers the dark days when he went to Toys R Us but couldn't buy any games. He picked up one of those white tags they had that you used to buy a game, because he didn't want to risk coming back later when the game was sold out. He did eventually come back, and his parents bought the original Final Fantasy for him. When they bought it, instead of going to the video game aisle and picking up a new tag, he present the cler the wrinkled old tag and she gave him a funny look.

Approachability: PM me anytime... how fast I might get back to you is another story.

Favorite FF: Final Fantasy VII
-What are some challenges you face (or have faced) as a site owner?
Staff melodrama. Staff HQ used to be drama central! Countless hours were spend trying to assuage things.

-What are some key improvements you've noticed about our current staff team and administration?
Mitsuki has the place on lock down...staff hasn't misbehaved for years.

-In your opinion, what are the most important positive qualities of this forum?
Everything is running pretty smoothly.

-As the site owner, what is your vision for this site?
Just a place for the existing community to chill when they feel they need to. The FF franchise isn't really in its glory days so forum activity is low...and when people do have things to say, everyone just posts on the Shoutbox.
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