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Dec 14, 2006
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Record of notable changes made in the site in one thread, including bug fixes, new features, tweaks, MogShop updates, etc.

Sections / sub-forums changes:

  • Public Headquarters renamed to Citadel
  • Site News & Changes renamed to Site Directory
  • Feedback & Suggestions renamed to Feedback Platform
  • Information Compendium renamed to Mognet Central (outdated threads updated)
  • Help Desk renamed to Support Center
  • Affiliate Center added (first affiliation: KupoCon)
  • Competition & Events renamed to Blitzball Stadium
  • Event Square section added to hold current dormant site events
  • Guadosalam renamed to New Bodhum
  • Veteran Lounge moved to New Bodhum
  • Graphics Reveries renamed to Graphics Continent
  • Luca renamed to Cosmo Canyon; Writers Boulevard renamed to Writer's Capital
  • Bevelle renamed to Kalm
  • Roleplay Central renamed to Roleplay Village: changes thread
  • Record Keeper sub-forum added in FF Related Titles
  • Sphere Theater section added: announcement thread
  • Game Screenshots and Let's Play moved to Sphere Theater
  • Archive Section (renamed to Train Graveyard) cleaned up

Other changes:

  • Post-Count Enabled: The Meeting Room, Advertisement Board, Guadosalam, Photo Album
  • Username Change item in MogShop (FFFNetwork) lowered to 700 Gil
  • SB Color added to MogShop (FFFNetwork)
  • Exchange Tickets (Chocobo and Moogle) enabled for one week (price lowered by half, permanently)
  • FF7 Remake (first part only) item added to MogShop (Gold Saucer)
  • Birthday prefix tag added in New Bodhum
  • Legacy Installments prefix tags added
  • Albums added back (currently testing; known issue - users cannot see other users album except admins)
  • vBQuiz renamed to Study Panel
  • FFF SeeD Exam added
  • Thanks/Likes stats added
Sections / sub-forum changes:

  • Gaia renamed to Orience
  • Spam Coliseum renamed to Lunatic Pandora
  • The Meeting Room renamed to Carline Canopy
  • The Sleeping Forest renamed to Pandemonium
  • Religious Debate renamed to Macalania Temple
  • Midgar renamed to Balamb Garden
  • Anime & Japan renamed to Anime
  • Home Theatre renamed to Theatre Quad
  • Music Studio renamed to Music Centre
  • Books & Literature renamed to The Library
  • Computing & Technology renamed to Tech Panel
  • Rocket Town renamed to Gold Saucer
  • Mobile Games sub-forum added

Other changes:

  • Site Rules cleaned up
  • Streams back in Navbar for easier access
  • Exchange Tickets (Chocobo and Moogle) unavailable
  • New forum banners


  • New and updated guideline threads for a few sections
  • Forum Active Time Event (FATE) - new potential event to earn rewards
  • Birthweek section to be moved back to Events Square
Site Changes:

  • MogShop down until August 1st
  • Community Tokens currency added
  • Currency System edited for updates and additional info.
  • Navbar changes: menu/links edited
  • Mythology Manual menu/links added
  • Affiliate Center Guidelines created
  • Voting Poll: voting lowered from 10 Gil to 5 Gil
  • Mailing List sent out on Monday, 7/18
  • Milestone Awards updated for clarity

Usergroup Ranks:

  • Ranks changed: Member > Rookie
  • Ranks changed: Full Member > Mercenary
  • Veteran promotion changed: 1,000 post requirement lowered to 500 posts. One year membership stayed as is.

Social Groups:

  • Social Groups renamed to Groups
  • All Groups deleted for a revamp
  • Official guild for FFF created. More info coming soon.
  • Official alliance groups formed for team-based competitions (e.g. team member elimination games). More info coming soon.
Sections / sub-forum changes:

  • Macalania Temple (religious debate) sub-forum deleted. Topics merged with Pandemonium (general debate).
  • Pandemonium changed to a sub-forum. Moved under Palumpolum (general discussion).
  • The Lifestream sub-forum moved under Palumpolum.
  • Carline Canopy (meeting room) sub-forum deleted. Topics merged with Palumpolum.
  • The Lobby (non-spam topics) sub-forum deleted. Topics merged with Palumpolum.

Site changes:

  • Seamus Light Skin implemented. Few adjustments made (12/28).
  • Redeeming Codes (Gold Points) now implemented. See Currency System for an update on GP Currency.
  • Earning a Silver award will now grant members 3 GP instead of 2 GP. Effective Jan. 1, 2017. See Milestone Awards.
Sections / sub-forum:

Site Changes:
  • Omni (Slate Grey) skin set as default. Members can still change and choose their own style.
  • Toggle Sidebar added.
  • Connect with us (social media icons) added in the footer. We are hoping to add this to the sidebar instead and move Share this Page in footer.
  • Important Links (footer, block 1) to be added soon.

Known issues:
  • Private messages > Recipients text is currently set to black. This will be fixed soon in all Omni styles.
Currency System:

Footer (Omni styles):
  • Important Links added in Block #1 for easy access. Site Rules | Currency System | MogShop Network | Timber Maniacs Information
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