Shadows haunt us Su/Discussion

Name: Nami Hysuke (Nobodies heartless) // Iman Hysuke
Age: ??
Gender: Male
Race: Half-being (part heartless part nobody)
Weapon(s): Two Keyblades (Way to Dawn & Acrossing Two)
Skills/Spells: depending on which colour his face appears he will use different spells and abilities.

Black mask: Fire and thunder based attacks and spells with Flame-form (Iman)
White Mask: Curative and protective spells and abilities with Purity form (Nami)

Homeworld: noone knows, not even him

Personality: sometimes nice, caring and trustworthy, sometimes nasty, careless and treacherous
(Depends on mask)

the mask
The armour (the outfit anti-sora wears)
born with split personality due to his form of breeding he has no idea of half of the things that happened while he was growing up, he knew that one time he stepped into the fight to save a friend and woke up with blood on his hands stood on top of the bully, at least what was left of the bully that is, with no recollection of even throwing a punch, that was the first of many incidents where he would have no idea what had happened until someone told him. he brought home artwork of the most disturbing images he had ever seen and he couldnt draw, he was dyslexic and still brought stories and essays out perfectly

He did many tests to figure out the cause of these violent or creative "blackouts" doctors couldnt find anything medically wrong, so he went to see psychologists who eventually came to the conclusion that he was a split personality and he spent a few more years being tested to find out more of this personality, and as it turns out where as Nami was kind and considerate this other personality, later known as Iman was violent and inconsiderate, though a creative genius of sorts

it turns out that it was his heartless form all along that was doing that to people, and that with out that heartless form he was a nobody, it was only because of that form that he could feel human. he came up with a mask that mirrored his own mindsets by augmenting it with his own blood, fe found this out accidentally when he wiped his cut arm on the material and watched it glow white, he left a note for the otherside to take a picture of it when he came out and it was the purest black

Organization XIII?: He could be if he ever got seperated from his heartless form
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Hmmm He's the reincarnation of Gemini XD ummm give a bit more details about the "incidents" and how people react to him. Where did he get the "masks" Who is his split personality? And his appearance didn't show up. Try and fix that. K?
i edited it a little tell me if it needs more detail... this is my first time making bios tbh i did one for a kh rp else where but it was easier there than here for some reason
ok i explained that the armour is just the outfit anti sora wears... if thats not ok ill alter it again to something completely different, also i added to his bio a full paragraph wit ha bit of description of the alternate personality
oh he doesnt start with them they appear later on, at first he hits out with just his fists, and when Iman takes over its more a shadow attack style