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Dec 14, 2006
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Seamus light theme officially launches today, but please realize that this is still a work in progress.

For those of you who prefer a lighter theme version of Seamus, you can now select 'Seamus Light', a child theme of Seamus Black. Bear in mind that with Seamus Black being the default theme for FFF, users will notice a few things off when using Seamus Light, particularly the clashing of custom colors that members use in posts and shoutbox. Unfortunately there is no proper way to work around this - either way, some users may experience difficulty reading content when using both themes.

Since Seamus Light was mostly edited on vBulletin's Style Variable system (finicky, if you ask me), some annoyances are a necessity to make things work. Therefore this isn't a perfect project -- it works for the most part, but could still use a bit of work and finishing touches on other areas with CSS work. Fortunately we've got a few staff in the team to help out with CSS edits (mostly aesthetics at this point and minor adjustments like font colors to make some content/links readable). We are aware there's still some issues, but since this theme had to be made public in order for others to assist with it, this announcement was necessary.

I would like to thank @AuronX and @Belazor et Britannia for assisting and fixing few major issues on the skin as of recent.

Shoutbox Tips:
For members who choose to use Seamus Light, it is highly advisable to go to Shoutbox Settings via User CP and click on 'Enable Shout Style Override'. This will display every shout with the same Shout Style customization as your own. Just keep in mind that whatever color you choose will transfer over to Seamus Black, so try to avoid any colors that might make reading unmanageable to Seamus Black users. Then again, color selection will be very limited to Seamus Light to begin with, so we may have to add a few additional SB colors to the system if it comes down to it.

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Few adjustments made.
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