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Dec 14, 2006
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Since the Reputation system has been revamped, changes and regulations are necessary to ensure proper ways of using the system, most notably the negative reputation. In order to make things clear for everyone, including the admin team, there's now a few rules attached to the system.

First, let's explain the Rep system.

How do I give reputation?

-On the left bottom area of each post, there is an icon you can click which gives you an option to give positive and negative reputation to the user.

Is participation necessary in the reputation system?

-Giving reputation is completely optional. However, you may receive positive and negative reputations by posting in our boards, depending on the content of your post.

How much reputation can I give out?

-It depends on your Rep Power, which can be seen in your postbit panel. Your Rep Power is based on two factors: x amount of posts (every 300 posts = 1 Rep Power) and Register Date (365 days = 1 Rep Power). In other words, our top posters will have the most Rep Power. A new registered user will start out with 10 points. You must have a minimum of 25 posts and a minimum of 25 reputation points before your reputation hits count on others. The Rep Power cap is 50. These limits are necessary to complement the Reputation Level set in place.

What is Reputation Level?

-Reputation level is just a fun gimmick for our members. Here in FFF, we have redesigned the Reputation Level moniker and adapted Final Fantasy VIII's SeeD Ranking system. For each rep level (SeeD Rank) that a user is associated with, a monthly SeeD Salary (or Gil) will be handed out for those who ask. Please see Reputation Reward for more info.

How do I see my Reputation Level?

-If you hover on the bars under your username, you will see your current Rep level.

How do I see my reputations and total received?
-Go to Settings and scroll down. You will see a list of reputations (up to 200) and total points received so far. You can also view the reputation comments you've left for other users (again, up to 200).

I would like to delete a reputation comment I've given to a user. Is this possible?

-Yes. You have five minutes to delete a rep comment given to a user in error (or regretted). For reputations you've received (presumably negative ones), you can request an admin to delete negative reputations (only if it constitute as abuse) as currently there is no way for users to delete reputations received.

What do the green, red, and grey bars indicate?
-Green for positive, red for negative, and grey for neutral. If you see a grey bar, most likely, a new registered user has given you reputation, but since their reputation doesn't count yet, it will appear as grey. When the user starts earning Rep Power, they can give out rep points, but the neutral ones they gave before will not change. They will still have zero value.

Any other limits that we should know about?

Absolutely. Daily reputation clicks and user spread limit are both set to 5. This means that you can only hand out 5 reputations (positive and negative) daily. You must also rep 5 different users before you can rep the same user again. This is to prevent minor abuse. Please use the reputation system wisely.

Negative and Positive Reputations:

Since not everyone cares for the Reputation system, we had to seek ways to make things fair for everyone as much as possible. There is no such thing as a flawless system, but we also will not tolerate abuse when we see it.

What are some suggested ways to give positive reputations for?
-Positive reps should be given to members who post meaningful and helpful posts, among other things. You may also recognize a point well made by another member, and even if you don't agree with what the member said, that doesn't mean their points and opinions should be discredited.

We encourage users to make good habit of positive reputations, especially in debate threads. Not only does it show good sportsmanship, but the likelihood of establishing a negative relationship between two (or more) members with opposing views may very well be reduced. Giving positive reputation to people just because you're good friends with them and would only like to raise green bars, is probably not the best reason to give positive reputation. Please try and use it for what it's intended for.

What are some suggested ways to give negative reputations for?
-Here in our community, negative reputation is designated for poor behavior and preferably not whether you disagree with an opinion (valid or not). It is highly encouraged that the use of negative reputation does not conflict with a member's opinion, since this usually tends to get reported as 'abuse' and adds unnecessary workload for the admins as we have to determine what actually constitutes as 'abuse' on a case by case basis, etc.

However, there are some exceptions due to that some may view things differently and are perfectly okay with negative reputations (i.e if it's not an issue between members, then there is no issue). To make things fair for both sides, while it is advised that negative reputations are given to members who broke a rule or are generally just being rude/inappropriate with other posters, you may also disagree with a poster via the negative rep system. Use your best judgement before handing out a negative reputation to a user, especially to new members who may not necessarily be looking to debate a subject but only wish to post their views without receiving negative repercussions via rep system.

If you simply disagree with a poster and would like to use the negative reputation, please give credible reasons as to why you disagree to avoid any sort of complication. Do not leave the comment section blank. This way, we can eliminate any possible reasons for 'abuse' in case a member has an issue with it. Any blank negative rep will be deleted if reported.

It is highly preferred and encouraged that you argue your points in the thread or that any disagreements are known via positive reputations to display a courteous and friendlier approach to things, though you are not obligated to do so (in case you feel strongly about a subject).

Do not resort to insults or name-callings, as the reputation system still follows the Site Rules. If anything that breaches the rule is reported, action will be taken (may include infractions) and your use of the reputation system will be revoked. If a member reports that they are being berated for their opinions, we will look into this, so please make sure your comments are appropriate and doesn't come across as rude. If we see nothing wrong with the negative reputation given, it will not be deleted and treated as a non-issue.

Overall, please remember that when it comes to opinions, we can agree to disagree, but just because you don't agree doesn't mean the user was in the wrong, did not contribute to the thread, or deserve a bad reputation here. We also do not wish to have to constantly moderate reputation-wars between two or more users or something that should probably be private between members, so please keep things clean.

Hopefully this will provide a more productive and positive way for reputation use overall.
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