Religious Debate Guidelines.

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This forum is for any debates of a religious nature. An obvious requirement --that all members remain respectful of another's religion or beliefs-- will be fully enforced and breakage of this rule will not be tolerated. Aside from this, all of the main debating rules still apply, a copy of which I will post for convenience.


The Sleeping Forest is FFF's debate forum, in which members come together to discuss serious issues in today's society. It goes without saying that this forum, therefore, requires a number of strict rules.

Note: I recommend reading the following thread as well:

The Sleeping Forest is for serious discussions.
You should, by now, be familiar with the concept of spam [often an acronym for Short, Pointless, Annoying Message]. Spam will not be tolerated in this forum, under any circumstances, and will either be deleted or be followed by an instant infraction, henceforth. Posts are expected to be of a substantial, extended length and should clearly address your view on a particular matter.

Don't hate: debate!
When debating, it should be noted that this does not involve the need to belittle another person's opinion or, for that matter, the person in question. Regardless of whether or not you agree, this forum is for debating and should be addressed appropriately - by debating the points presented.

Do you have any evidence?
A number of members tend to post without backing up any claims that they have made. While this is not a requirement, it is advised, and encouraged, that you find sources of evidence and refer to them in your argument [should you use them at all]. Posting evidence can make a great deal of difference when debating.

Discuss the issues at hand.
This can, occasionally, be difficult to always abide by, as one topic often overlaps into another and the staff respect this fact. However, members are reminded that they should not de-rail a thread too much, to the point where the original issue is no longer being addressed.

Watch your language.
"Serious discussions" implies that a higher degree of thought should be used when posting in The Sleeping Forest. As such, we would expect members to be able to convey their point clearly and concisely without the need to use foul language. Although we tend not to punish people for swearing, such usage is, generally, distasteful and we strongly discourage members from doing it.

As always, regular forum rules apply, unless stated elsewhere. If you have any queries, then do not hesitate to contact either myself or my colleagues, a list of whom can be found here.

I thank you in advance for abiding by these rules and hope that you enjoy yourself.
Not open for further replies.